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Beloved Family Dog Dies in Hot Animal Control Truck

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A Cobb County, Georgia Animal Control officer was arrested Thursday on charges of cruelty to animals and obstruction after leaving a dog alone in a compartment of his county vehicle and neglecting to bring him into the shelter in a timely manner.

Further, when the dog died from heat related injuries due to being locked in the truck for 8 hours or more, the officer tried to then conceal his mistake, filing paperwork that stated the dog was dead when he was picked up.

Brad Pitt, a 17-month old Basset Hound and English Bulldog mix, had gotten away from his owners one July morning. After an exhaustive search for the missing pup, the family reported the lost dog to animal control.

After seeing one of the family’s lost dog posters, a neighbor called to report that he’d seen an animal control officer pick up Brad Pitt, alive and well, and place him in his truck.

But, when the family contacted animal control to retrieve their dog, they were told that Animal Control officer Matthew Cory Dodson had picked up the dog, but said the dog was dead from being hit by a car.

The family continued pressing for answers when Dodson finally admitted to leaving Brad Pitt in the county truck all day and falsifying shelter documents to conceal what he’d done.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Heidi



    Piece of shit. This makes me SICK. Animals can not speak for themselves, we need to advocate for harsher penalties for anyone who abuses, kills, or “accidentally” harms any and all animals.

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