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Best Furry Friends Refuse to Eat or Move Until the Shelter Reunites Them

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Six year old canine best friends, Chicky, a Chow Chow, and Goofy, a terrier, were surrendered to the Carson Animal Care Center in Los Angeles together and by the same owner.

Despite having spent their entire lives together, shelter workers decided to separate the boys into different kennels. Immediately, both dogs began whining and refused to eat. It wasn’t until shelter workers reunited the dogs that they finally began to eat again.

Unfortunately, while Chicky was being treated by a veterinarian for an eye infection, he became aggressive and snapped at the doctor. While Goofy was still available for adoption to the public, Chicky was placed on a “rescue-only” list, meaning that only a rescue organization could pull him from the shelter.

It seemed highly unlikely that Chicky and Goofy would find the forever home, together, that they both longed for.

That was until Katy DePasquale of New York heard the dogs’ story and became determined to adopt the pair. DePasquale contacted Christine Downs, who runs the rescue organization Bark Party, who agreed to help.

Because of their past, both dogs are in need of medical attention before they can go home to their new forever family in New York. But their new human is committed to providing them the very best care.

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  1. Avatar Of Kathleen



    Feel good story, and the really important question is, does Katy have a NYS rescue backing her to adopt this bonded pair from 3,000 miles away ? I asked this question many weeks ago on Facebook, and was blocked after asking and strongly encouraging Katy to get NYS rescue backing. If Katy has a NYS rescue backing her, please post their name and contact info here, it would be greatly appreciated by many concerned dog lovers, to have an answer to this very important question – for the security of this bonded pair. Just for example, what if this bonded pair and Katy’s dogs just happen to not get along ? With a NYS rescue backing her for the bonded pair, they and Katy could have many options. Without NYS rescue backing her, then ? Thank you.

  2. Avatar Of Kathleen



    Many concerned people in So. Calif and across the country on Facebook are wondering, but no answers… does Katy have a NYS rescue to back her ? Adopting a bonded pair, seniors, from 3,000 miles away can be risky, and having a local to her NYS rescue to back her could provide the security and ‘plan B’ that could really help this bonded pair. I personally have tried to ask both Katy and the So. Calif rescue who pulled this pair from the shelter to send to Katy, and was blocked after asking, my comments were deleted from fb, so I’m asking here. So, Katy, from your response of blocking me and deleted comments, I would just guess that you have no NYS rescue backing you… but please reply if you have found yourself a NYS rescue, what is their name and contact info, please ? It certainly appears to me that the So. Calif rescue who pulled these dogs out of the So. Calif shelter didn’t require you to have any NYS rescue backing, that is exactly what you pm’d to me prior to blocking me, that information and your blocking me really raised my concern level a lot. perhaps you don’t feel the need to have a NYS rescue to back you for this senior bonded pair, if not, please explain here. many concerned people looking to see your response.

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