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Choosing a Breed

The Best (and Worst!) Guard Dog Breeds

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Because of some dog breed’s physical strength, strong temperament, loyalty, courage, and resistance to pain, several breeds are considered to be excellent guard dogs.

Five Leading Guard Dog Breeds

  1. Bullmastiff. This is an intensely loyal and courageous breed that has an extremely strong instinct to protect. In fact, they will defend their territory by pinning intruders down or knocking them over. Although, Bullmastiffs generally have an ingrained wariness toward strangers, they, nonetheless, love to spend time with their owners and hate to be left alone.
  2. Doberman Pinscher. Dobermans, in general, vary in temperament. However, a typical member of the breed will never hesitate to protect its family if threatened. Dobermans are also considered to be the world’s 5th smartest dog.
  3. Rottweiler. Rotty dogs are believed to have the best of both worlds: they are calm and loving towards their family members, but fiercely protective at the same time. They tend to back up their intense protective instinct with remarkable stamina, strength, and pain resistance. With early training, Rottweilers can be an excellent household companion.
  4. Komondor. This breed is commonly recognized for its incredible courage, loyalty, and independent thinking. Although Komondors were generally bred to herd sheep, they tend to become more active as compared to what their appearance shows. The breed can be extremely protective when their master or their property has been threatened.
  5. Puli. However docile Puli dogs seem like, they are actually a highly active breed and a great herder of sheep. Although Pulis are not very aggressive, their extreme loyalty, extraordinary intelligence, and sensibly distrustful nature has made them great watchdogs.

The other top guard dogs identified by experts are the Giant Schnauzer, German Shepherd, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kuvasz, and the Staffordshire Terrier.

Five Worst Watch Dog Breeds

While some breeds tend to demonstrate some kind of warning once they detect danger, other breeds tend to fail in this regard. If you’re looking for a dog that will be a great companion but also a great protector, it may be best to avoid the following breeds:

  1. Bloodhound. This hunting dog is known for his notable tracking ability and ardor to the trailing work. Nevertheless, because of the breeds too good nature particularly with children, their relative timidity, and tendency to welcome family members and strangers alike, the Bloodhounds are considered to be the worst to take as a watchdog.
  2. Newfoundland Dog. This is a large dog that has a very sweet temperament. They love children and tend to bond firmly with their families. They don’t like to be left alone, and are known to be one of the gentle giants that although may require regular exercise, can perfectly be contented to just lie around your house all day long. Because of their extremely laid back personality, Newfoundland dogs falls second to the least effective watchdogs.
  3. Saint Bernard. This is not just a really huge dog, the breed drools and tends to shed a whole lot. Saint Bernards love children, are friendly, and even very patient with kids during play. Because of the breed’s loud bark and enormous size, they would most likely put off most housebreakers. However, if a burglar did comes into your house, a standard Saint Bernard dog would rather play with them than attack.
  4. Basset Hound. What Basset Hounds lack in protective drive, they make up for in loyalty and a pleasant disposition. They are very friendly not only to children and other animals, but even to strangers as well. Because of this, they are more identified as an ideal household pet, but never the best watchdog.
  5. English Bulldog. Like Pugs, English bulldogs are commonly quiet, docile, and extremely friendly. Although the breed was once known as a rather aggressive dog, such traits have been bred out over the years.

Some other least effective watchdogs are the Old English Sheepdog, the Clumber Spaniel, the Irish Wolfhound, the Scottish Deerhound, and the Pug. Of course, just about any breed can be taught to alert you when a stranger approaches and comes to your home. Many times, just the sound of a barking dog alone is enough to deter any would-be intruders from entering your home!

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