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Beware of these purebred myths and rumors

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There is a lot of misinformation out there about purebred dogs, sometimes spread for personal gain, so beware of these purebred myths.

Have you ever been approached by another dog owner who made it a point to point out all the problems with the breed of dog you own? I certainly have on a few occasions and while I use to bristle and defend my choice of canine companionship I no longer do so. I now know to beware of these purebred myths so many uninformed people take as absolute truth. Let’s dissect a few of these myths, and see why you are wise to ignore those who are uninformed.

Beware of these purebred myths

One of the more prominent falsehoods concerns the quality of the parent dogs. Many believe puppies born from poor parent linage parents means the pups are also going to be inferior dogs. This is a definite beware of these purebred myths expounded by the uninformed and elite dog breeders looking to disparage the breeders they compete with.

Only high quality puppies come from parents with AKC papers. Again, beware of these purebred myths as this is not true. If a breeder tries to sell you on this one walk away. Registered dogs with papers fall into two categories. If the papers have a blue border around them the mom and dad have been accepted as purebred and good breeding stock. If the parent dog’s papers do not have this blue border they are registered as not qualified for purebred breeding. Any breeder who tells you otherwise is not being truthful.

As far as the “quality” of purebreds is concerned, keep in mind this quote from the following article from the PBS.org website:

In the same way that inbreeding among human populations can increase the frequency of normally rare genes that cause diseases, the selective breeding that created the hundreds of modern dog breeds has put purebred dogs at risk for a large number of health problems, affecting both body and behavior.

If you are buying a dog for show purposes it is not essential to have the most expensive dog with prime bloodlines UNLESS you are going to shoot for best in show at the top level of completive shows. As long as the dog has the correct papers, and decent bloodlines, you can win the title of champion for your dog’s breed and or group. Being awarded champion is actually the lowest award and many breeders will use this title of one of the parents as a major selling point for their puppies when it really does not all that much.

A few things all prospective buyers need to be aware of are buying from lager kennels does not mean higher quality puppies. Find a breeder who only breeds one to five litters a year and has the puppies spoken for BEFORE they breed for a new litter. Do not buy cheap puppies. Good breeders have their pups sold before birth and can demand the high prices because they know what they are doing. Unscrupulous breeders who are offering bargain prices are nothing more than puppy mills churning out as many pups as possible for profits.

Beware of these purebred myths and you will end up with the best dog for your money.

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  1. Avatar Of Kevin Mcmillen

    Kevin McMillen


    There is no such thing as a purebred dog. They have all been mixed with other breeds over the years in an attempt at “the perfect breed”.

  2. Adopt a dog I would never go anywhere else I DON”T trust any of them…….

    All pet shop need to be closed down ASAP NOT HEALTHY

  3. Avatar Of L:ouise L:ouise says:

    I got a mix chu he is the best!!

  4. Avatar Of Crystal



    This article is incredibly confusing. Which parts are the myths and which parts are debunking the myths? Sorry, but I cannot defer what you are trying to say.

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