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Big Dog Loves the Tiny Bed His Owner Accidentally Bought

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Big Dog Little Bed

A big dog from Indiana is getting a lot of love from around the world after his owner accidentally purchased him a tiny dog bed online without checking the measurements first… and he loves it anyway!

Kenny, a not-small-at-all Golden retriever mix, needed a new bed. So, 15-year old Paeton Mathes’ mom ordered one for him. When it was delivered, Paeton took photos of Kenny being grateful for the gift, despite it’s small size, and posted them to Twitter where they quickly caught the world’s attention.

Big Barker USA took notice of Kenny’s predicament and sent the big boy and big bed of his own – now he’s using his tiny bed as a pillow!

There’s just something adorable about big dogs trying to squeeze into tiny beds, isn’t there?

Just look at this hilarious compilation of others, just like Kenny, that don’t mind the size one bit!

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