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Boston Police Officer Rescues Stray Dog Off the Streets

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Boston Police officer Muryelle Staco was patrolling the streets when something caught her eye. “I saw what I thought appeared to me as a trash bag. But I slowed down because my mind said, was that a dog? Sure enough, there’s a beautiful pit, walking alongside,” she explained.

Boston Police Officer Rescues

Staco confesses she has a huge, deep passion for animals and was scared for the lost dog. “Wherever she came from, she came from a decent home,” the officer explained of the dog’s sweet demeanor.

The kind officer, who said she would have taken as much time as necessary to make sure the dog was safe, put her in her patrol car and began posting videos to social media, pleading for her humans to step forward.

Sadly, no one stepped forward to claim the dog, now named London.

“For whatever reason, they just can’t take care of her and I’m just hoping she finds a home,” Staco told WHDH.

London is currently in the care of Boston Animal Control where she’s available for adoption. The local Lilly the Hero Pit Bull Foundation have sponsored the adoption fee for London.

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