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When you think of Boxers what comes to mind? No, not the two guys in a ring working each other over! This is a distinctly special breed of dog many people love having as a member of their family. Let’s take a look at this breed of canine and see if you might be interested in becoming the proud owner of one.


The breed has been around for many years and gets the Boxers name due to the fact they like to stand on their hind legs and “box” with the front legs. This is a fighting posture, and while these dogs are true fighters, they are also great family dogs as well.

Most dog owners have heard of the AKC (American Kennel Club) and this organization has seven categories all breeds of dogs fall within. The Boxer is listed in the “working Dogs” group due to their ability to perform many different functions. They are trained as seeing-eye dogs for the disabled, blind and hearing impaired, excellent guard dogs, circus dogs able to perfume many tricks, hunting dogs, and police dogs because of their intelligence and trainability.

Boxers also make great family dogs for these same reasons. They are gentle with children as well as adults, are very protective, very brave, playful, always alert, very loyal, highly intelligent, easy to train, brave, very energetic, an excellent judge of character, love to be the clown in the family, quick to learn new commands and have fantastic hearing ability. My brother has owned three Boxer dogs over the years and they have all been great family pets.

Watch the following YouTube video for some great Boxer quotes and poetry, featuring the Boxer puppy “Hummer”:

The history of this canine goes back to feudal Germany where the dogs were used for hunting. Today’s Boxer is a larger dog than the original Germany ancestors due to introducing larger English breeds into the line. The average Boxer will weigh in between fifty and eighty pounds depending on the sex and will stand twenty to twenty five inches tall at the front shoulders. The ears are normally cropped as is the tail, and the body is muscular yet sleek. Their coat is short hair and with the short muzzle they do have trouble breathing well in hot humid weather. Because of the short hair these dogs do well as outside canines in cold weather and should be kept indoors.

Among the more sought after Boxers are the “brindles.” These dogs have a coat light tan in color with darker stripes running vertically. These are very attractive and highly cherished by Boxer lovers.

Have you owned a Boxer? Please tell of your experiences with this breed below.

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    Thank you, Ray, whoever you are, for making me laugh today. :0)

    I vote for severe punishment to any one engaging in animal abuse. Label convicted animal abusers searchable like sex abusers publicly for starters.

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    Amy Wilson Barajas


    I have 4 boxers, Dutchess, Rocky, Patch, and Princess. Dutchess is my 3 year old White Boxer who I have had since she was just six weeks old. She is very protective, loyal, intelligent, and sometimes stubborn. In January of 2012 I bred her to a male boxer who belongs to the son of a family friend. On March 3 2012 my Dutchess gave birth to seven gorgeous puppies 5 males and 2 females. 1 went to the dad of the owner of the father, who he named Patriot and he is now a seeing eye dog for a blind young women. Oreo is with my sister who lives with my mom who also has Sassy the other female. We have kept the other three-Rocky, Patch and Princess. Of all the seven puppies Sassy is the most stubborn we can not get her to shake for a treat or food, she will sit but she refuses to give her paw. So, before I got dutchess, I had never owned a boxer but since I have had her and her puppies they are by far the best dog for me. And they have so much personality, we say they act human.

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