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BREAKING: Petco to Discontinue Selling All Pet Treats from China

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Petco today announced it will stop carrying China-made dog and cat treats at its more than 1,300 store locations nationwide, including Unleashed by Petco stores and online at Petco.com, by the end of 2014. The move makes Petco the first national pet specialty retailer to take this step in support of the health and well-being of pets.

“We know some pet parents are wary of dog and cat treats made in China, especially Chicken Jerky products, and we’ve heard their concerns,” said Jim Myers, Petco CEO. “As a leader in the industry and the trusted partner for our pet parents, we’re eager to make this transition and to expand our assortment of safe and healthy treats, the majority of which are made right here in the U.S. Very simply, we feel this decision is in the best interest of the pets we all love and, ultimately, for our business.”

Since 2007, and as recently as just last week, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has periodically cautioned consumers about a potential link between reported illnesses in dogs and the consumption of jerky products made in China. However, the FDA has been unable to identify a direct link between the reported illnesses and the China-made treats, and has not recommended a recall of jerky products.

“We’ve been following the FDA warnings and related customer concerns closely, and we’ve been actively reducing our China-made assortment and expanding our American-made offerings for several years now,” said Myers. “We know the FDA hasn’t yet identified a direct cause for the reported illnesses, but we decided the uncertainty of the situation outweighs the lack of actual proof. It has taken some time and careful thought to get to this point, but we’re proud to make the change and we believe our customers will be pleased with it as well.”

The final stage of the transition will begin in September and is expected to be complete by the end of 2014, marking the end of a multi-year process in which Petco has been working with vendors and suppliers to offer more safe and healthy alternatives to treats made in China.

Pet parents looking for alternatives to China-made dog or cat treats will find a broad selection of USA-made products at Petco from brands like American Jerky, Blue Buffalo, Blue Ridge Naturals, Canidae, Colorado Naturals, Dogswell, Isle of Dog, Merrick, Natural Balance, Nature’s Variety, Prairie Dog, Zuke’s and more. Petco also carries a number of safe and long lasting treats and chews from other regions of the world, including New Zealand, Australia and South America.

For more information about Petco or to find a location near you, visit petco.com.

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  1. Avatar Of 97Pstore 97pstore says:

    I have pet products for sale. It has the products like snacks, bowl for pets etc., If you are interested to buy the pet products go through this : bit.ly/1g9c8bW

  2. Avatar Of Keenan keenan says:

    This is a step in the right direction. I still won’t buy treats for my dogs even if they’re made in the US. Even if they’re made in the US most of the ingredients come from china.

    I prefer to make their treats at home. There are tons of recipes that take 10 minutes to prepare and then bake and you have a healthy product with no worries.

    In addition making jerky is so easy. Walmart sells the dehydrators, all you have to do is cut the meat and let the dehydrator do the rest.

  3. Avatar Of Frank



    This is a red flag reminding us that we need to be very careful about our food ingredients and their sources. Remember the melamine pet food recall a few years ago that affected so many pet foods?? Also we need to be cautious about human foods containing soy & fillers from China … there seems to be a trend. We need to get more proactive before the recalls to avoid these tragedies or future dilemmas.

    • Avatar Of Karen



      I am frustrated with SOY now being in virtually every packaged or canned food. It’s the new “high fructose corn syrup” that will be added to everything and years from now the public will figure out that it is not healthy for them to consume. I try to eat unprocessed, whole food as much as I can, but occasionally you want/need to buy something in a package.

  4. Avatar Of K Williams

    K Williams


    If Petco were the “good guy”, then they should stop making it a MISSION to put smaller pet retailers out of business. Smaller pet retailers that already have ingredient restrictions store-wide, that have lead-testers for their toys, that implement standards before they’re even necessary…

    Unleashed sure does look an awful lot like… Pet Food Express? Ever heard of it? Only if you’re in the Bay Area. Petco has made it a mission to keep Pet Food Express from growing.

    DON’T BUY FROM THE CORPORATIONS. They don’t give a crap!

  5. Avatar Of Dee Dee

    Dee Dee


    This is awesome news! I was just complaining at my local large pet store (Pet Supermarket) saying these large stores need to stop selling these China dog killing products.

  6. Avatar Of Tammy Spittal

    tammy spittal


    I just wanted to thank Petco for no longer carring dog and cat treats made in China! On November 22nd I lost one of my four dogs to Chewmasters Chicken Fillet dog treats that I bought at Costco. Gizzy was only 7 years old and was a healthy dog! She was a sweetheart and such a good girl. All four dogs got sick Gizzy and her sister Precious, our 3 year old Golden Retreiver, Tyson and Bailey also a Golden Retreiver who just turned one. Both the Goldens had blood and protein in their urine and other high levels showing kidney and liver problems. Precious liver levels were very high. Gizzy lost 8 pounds and her liver and kidney levels were off the chart. Gizzy was my smallest dog, my little shadow, a top dog in our house. She took care of all the dogs. The dogs were very depressed for months and the other 3 dogs are still recovering from these “treats”.

    Chewmasters made it worse, after dogs started dying from treats made in China, Chewmasters REMOVED made in China from their labels, so Pet Owners don’t realize their products are all made in China!

  7. Avatar Of Kristy



    is there a list of food and treats at are going to be discontinue so people can change the food and treats

  8. Avatar Of Just Me

    Just me


    So many negative comments. There is still no clear understanding as to what about the treats from China were making pets sick. This is the FIRST large retailer to make such a change. So comments like “it’s too late” really don’t apply when Petco is the first to stand their ground and start removing China from their stores. Way to go Petco!!!How about we celebrate this change and maybe others will follow!

  9. This is the BEST MOVE EVER by Petco. Now you don’t have to try and decipher where a product is from and I’ve noticed on many bags of jerky treats have become almost impossible to decipher exactly their country of origin. Now the next move is to ban all products that have any ingredients outsourced to China!!! Proud of you Petco, WAY TO GO!!!

  10. Avatar Of Dog Cruces Dog Cruces says:


  11. Excellent News! We shared it with our fans, have always liked Petco over PetsMart! Petco listens to their customers!

  12. Excellent News! We shared it on our site and Facebook page!

  13. Avatar Of Bonnie



    You took too long Petco…most brands you sell source from China, so Bark and Petvalue have stepped up to fill the demand for products that do not do that. ALL brands need to have clear labeling that states where they manufacture, and where they source their ingredients. If you really want to win back the specialty market, you will lean on your suppliers Sam Walton style, to get that information on their labels where the consumer can easily evaluate the source of ingredients.

  14. Avatar Of Mel



    We are in debt with China. Remember that.

    • Avatar Of Bonnie



      and your point is? You think they will give up their $$ on our debt over pet food? Not.

    • Avatar Of Tammy Spittal

      tammy spittal


      Being in debt to China doesn’t give them the right to kill our pets. I am guessing you are not a pet owner cause it seems you are also putting money before an animals life!! Thousands of dogs have died from treats made in China!

    • Avatar Of Kyle



      How does that make a damned bit of difference to stop feeding tainted food to our pets?

  15. Avatar Of Carrie



    For the UK and europe try no-bones.co.uk home made no additives or preservatives snd so damn cute!!

  16. Avatar Of Nathan



    I do not buy anything from china for my dogs. Do not trust the Chineese regulations.

  17. Avatar Of Wingbat



    Dogswell is not American. That is one made in china treat that also has recalls and a number of pet related deaths.

  18. Avatar Of Vicki Vicki says:

    This is one of the reasons why I started making all my own dog treats which after 8 years has grown into a business. I take pride in telling people my treats are all natural with no added preservatives or artificial anything. I use all human food grade ingredients.

  19. Avatar Of Paula



    What about toys? We don’t buy chew toys from China because we worry about toxins. Thanks!

  20. Avatar Of Paula



    What about toys? We don’t buy chew toys made in China because we worry about paints and other toxins. Thanks!

  21. Avatar Of Marsha Avery

    Marsha Avery


    What this press release neglected to say is: It was also a corporate decision to cease selling many dog foods, wiith one being Beneful by Nestle’/Purina. MAJOR KUDOS to Petco!

    • Avatar Of Natasha



      Beneful is American made not china made.

    • Avatar Of Spanky M

      Spanky M


      Can you link to any source of this information about Petco not carrying Beneful? I can’t find anything about it and they still sell it online and at stores in California.

  22. Avatar Of George George says:

    Quality American made by a loving pet owner

  23. Avatar Of Cindy Romano

    Cindy Romano


    Why wait until the end of the year? Sales should go up right away if you carry quality products. The USA needs to become self-sufficient. We don’t need China!

    • Avatar Of Just Me

      Just me


      It takes time to relay waves of changes to over 1300 stores. Most stores are already going through a refresh of dog foods right now.

  24. Avatar Of Len Gaskill

    Len Gaskill


    If we all stop buying China treats then they would have stopped sooner

  25. Avatar Of Lori



    Too little too late for many pets. This took too long!

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