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Bring on Your Toughest Training Questions!

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Are you fed up with a dog that jumps? Concerned for a dog with anxiety issues? Or, in desperate need for your dog to come to you when called? Well, bring on your toughest training questions!

The Dogington Post is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with certified dog trainer, Kevin Duggan to bring you daily tips and tricks for training your dog and to answer your toughest training questions!

Kevin is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (  and is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator through the AKC. Kevin received his certification (CPDT-KA) in the fall of 2012, after about two years of preparation including 300 hours of training (225 lead training/75 assisting.), a reference from a Veterinarian, a Client, and a Colleague, and passing a 250-question exam.

Kevin currently resides in Ohio with his dog, V, a six-year-old Shepherd/Lab mix, where he operates All Dogs Go To Kevin, LLC, specializing in helping build positive relationships between humans and their canine companions.

Kevin will be answering YOUR training and behavioral questions with scientific and positive answers. His mission is to build positive relationships by using clear communication, not pain and fear.

To learn more about Kevin and his amazing dog, V, visit

To ask Kevin a question about how to positively train your own dog, look for the “Ask the Trainer!” icon on our Front page, or click here.

Please leave a comment giving Kevin your warmest welcome to The Dogington Post, then go LIKE him on Facebook by clicking here. (You don’t want to miss the hilarious daily updates of his amazing pal, V!)

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  1. Avatar Of Marla Miller

    Marla Miller


    My name is Marla and my daughter and I are fostering dogs. The problem we have is, the current one will whimper when her needs out but will not go to the door without being taken there by holding his collar. And if you don’t happen to hear him right away, it is to late 🙁 He will also chew up shoes, even if they are put up off the floor, and soft rubber kids toys if he can get them. He has several nyla type bones and kong toys but goes for what he can get. He has destroyed 1 pr of new tennis shoes so far and we are putting them up as hig as we can from him. We do not have a fenced in yard but he and our other 3 dogs have long ropes they go on and can run and play. They do pretty good but he is very afraid of any sudden movement or noise and it does make it hard to work with him. We are hoping to continue to work with him and find him a forever home but would like to get some of his issues under control before then. My daughter works 2 jobs and makes her time with him short but she is trying test to help keep these babies from being murdered! Thanks for any suggestions 🙂
    Marla Miller

  2. Avatar Of Stacey



    Couldn’t leave the question on the site. Trying here. My 2.5 year old male chocolate lab does something weird. He exhibits anxiety, tale tucked, head down mopey, hides behind someone or in between their legs if anyone has a serious discussion in the house. Even if someone is arguing on tv. We dont yell but if we so much as use a tone he acts that way. Weird thing is is he only does this inside. He could care less whats going on outdoors or in another house. Is it because we have always kept it quiet here during the day and when everyone comes home from work and we talk about our day he cant take it? I work from home so its just him and me here till 6 then he dont like us talking. Other then that great dog, no other behavior problems and no separation anxiety at all.

  3. Avatar Of Sue D'Andrea Sue D'Andrea says:


    My name is Sue, I own a beautiful parti color/black and white poodle named Sweet Pea Rudy. He and his sister Gabby Rose who is owned by my sister Lily. Gabby has some of the most severe separation anxiety I have ever witnessed! If someone is with her she is quiet! But if we both leave, you can hear her screaming (LOL) and it sounds like she is being killed! She also is rather mean to my Sweet Pea Rudy, if he accidentally touches her she will growl and bare her teeth at him, if she touches him it’s fine with her though! She growls and bares her teeth to get toys away from him, etc. Please help? Thanks and have a great day!


    Sue D’Andrea

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