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Study Shows Dogs Listen To Women Better Than Men, Here’S Why

Study Shows Dogs Listen To Women Better Than Men, Here’s Why

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Dog Boot Camps: Pros And Cons

Dog Boot Camps: Pros and Cons

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  1. Avatar Of James Milne

    James Milne


    Hey Kevin,
    Looking for some helpful advice sir. We rescued a 2 year old German Shepherd and she has been with us almost a month now. This week she has been all of a sudden getting real nervous, starting to drop her hind quarters and pee when we(especially me) goes to put the leash on her. She was fine until recently and she is not scared or nervous any other time. What can we do to make her feel more comfortable and get the behavior to stop if possible? Any advice is appreciated. You can email or contact me directly.
    James M

  2. Avatar Of Maria Kamberi

    Maria Kamberi



    I found a cross Jack Russell stray dog and we have a problem with leash.
    She have a phobia with leash. when we trying to wear a leash she is crying, she is biting herself and she is making a pee to herself. How can I do about that?

  3. Avatar Of Erin Curtin Erin Curtin says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I adopted a 10-month-old Heeler Pit mix named Maizie a few months ago. She’s actually a really great dog, listens well, learns super fast. She loves playing with other dogs and people. But recently she’s been a little protective over me with other dogs. I did a lot of searching for an article that fits more my situation but I am failing to find an answer. It’s really pretty random and it’s not always a really big dog fight. But I know I need to nip this behavior in the butt. We go to the same dog park just about every day. She loves playing with all the other dogs and usually only gets in a little fight if another dog starts it. But a boxer dog, that neither of us knew, was jumping up on me trying to give me kisses. She saw it and freaked out on the dog. I understand she was probably trying to protect me but what makes me nervous is that later I was petting another dog and she kind of snipped at it. But it was really random because I interact with a lot of dogs at the park and she randomly chose this dog to get snippy with? It also confuses me because she’s not possessive over anything else. Not food, or toys, or areas. So I’m at a loss. I’m not sure if I should be concerned, I’m not sure what I can do, and I’m also not entirely sure this is long term behavior since it is so new.
    Please help, I just want to make sure I’m as knowledgable as possible when it comes to her behavior and how to counteract it if necessary.
    Erin and Maizie

  4. Avatar Of Irene



    My son and daughter in law have 2 mini aussie’s. The older one is very well behaved. The 2nd and younger one screams. It is so loud it hurts our ear drums. Whenever he is stressed, you can touch him lightly with a pinky and he will scream loud enough to make your ears ring! He hates his harness and leash. These make the behavior even worse. I have walked him and rewarded him for good behavior while walking. But then he will revert back to screaming. He isn’t even touched some times and he will scream. I walked down the hall and he was in the living room and he screamed. No one else was in the room with him. Any advice?

  5. Avatar Of Bernice



    We adopted a 4 year old mix breed dog last year. He is very anxious when left alone and, if I do not put a belly band on him, he will mark in the house. We have tried going outside where he can see us, but that works at that point until we leave him alone. I am getting frustrated and concerned, as we travel and he goes with us. Other than that, he is good with people and is friendly. What to do?

  6. Avatar Of Norma



    Hi Kevin, I have a 16 month old great Pyrenees puppy mix. With a lot of problems. She won’t walk on lino in the kitchen. She has a hard time with new people. She eats our bedding and our blankets on our couch. And fluff…… The bedding we stopped as I use a baby gate on my side of the bed. She hates it so won’t go on the bed. Help please.

  7. Avatar Of Adriana



    Hi,I have two dogs,one of them is adopted. Now,the one we adopted is a sweetheart until i let them loose,and she try to play with the other one,which he is not interested in playing,and she begin pulling his ears,sometimes really hard,so he can not enjoy running. Now the other one which we raised,is 4years old,and he developed agressivity towards bigger dogs,some humans,mostly men,and children. He changed after he was attacked a few times at the dog park. He snapped at people,sometimes scratching them with his teeth,and I don’t want him to get in trouble or worst to have him taken away from me because of his behaviour. I also find that he changed since Sasha came into our lives,and I think he is also scared. And Sasha is scared as well,but she was a street dog,so we try to offer her all the love and care we can give. It would be wonderful if I can find some answers to their problems,because I want my dogs to have a happy life.

  8. Avatar Of Jill Jill says:

    we recently got another German Shepherd puppy(10 wks) we also have a 14 month old. My question is we can’t seem to teach the puppy to eat slower she eats so fast sometimes, after she chokes a little. Our older Shepherd never did that it kinda scares me any suggestions??? Also she pees everywhere even if we take her out she’ll pee right after. Thanks, Jill

  9. Avatar Of Norma Padley Norma Padley says:

    My eight month old flatcoated retriever is doing o.k, at his training, but I cannot get hi to stay in the down position, he goes down o.k., but gets back up again any ideas.

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  11. Avatar Of El Sitio el sitio says:

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  12. Avatar Of Zeshan



    I have a 10 year old chow mix that is ripping out molding from the walls and also scratching the door and the frame.my wife is 7 month pregnant. My dog (winna) is the calmest dog I know. She is not getting less food water or excercise/attention. I am assuming this is a her way of reacting to pregnancy but it took 7 months and then total destruction of the house. Please advice how we can deal with the situation.

    Btw.. I have a cam at home and can see most of these activities.

  13. Avatar Of Kaz



    i have a vizsla that i need so help with.. i train and have never had a challenge like this guy… Mainly now he has no fear of the water and we live on a river… he has got by us three times and have almost lost him before we could get to him.. he is a strong swimmer however he gets focused on tings in the water and such.. anyway i ahjve a few behaviors i must admint i need help with..thank you

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