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Dog Boot Camps: Pros and Cons

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Just like boot camps for humans, board-and-train facilities exist for dogs. 

For owners that are having a hard time training their dogs, board and train facilities may be the answer. Owners of dogs are guaranteed a well-behaved dog at the end of a stay of two weeks or more when they entrust their pets to the facility’s care. Put simply, it entails giving a team of professionals in a facility control over your dog’s training.

Sending your dog away for training is a very personal decision. The quality of the facility and the degree of care that will be provided to your dog are important considerations. The most crucial thing is that you are at ease taking your dog away and that you have ensured that he will be cared for properly. But sending your dog away for training may not be a good idea if he suffers from separation anxiety because a strange environment could make the problem worse.

While not all dogs are a good fit for board and train programs, there can be some practical advantages.

Pros Of Board-And-Train Facilities 

Attending board-and-train facilities has many advantages, one advantage is that it gives you the most flexibility if you’re a dog parent with a hectic schedule. This might be a great time to work on chores that would be more difficult with your dog around. And you can do all those without worrying since they will be completely taken care of throughout the duration of the program. 

Another advantage is having professionals observe your dog’s behavior over an extended period of time. These programs may not assist in resolving all behavioral difficulties, but they do resolve some during that period. This makes it less frustrating for you to try to change these behaviors. Additionally, these programs might instill positive behaviors in your dog that you may not have thought about.

Cons Of Board-And-Train Facilities 

Board-and-training programs may have a similar structure, but they are not all the same. 

Before enrolling your pet, you should carefully read the reviews and even take a tour of the facility if possible. The program’s awareness of your pet’s best interests is something you want to ensure. Because animals are unable to speak for themselves, their parents must do so. Their grooming, food, and exercise are among the other factors over which you have no influence, which is why choosing the best program for your dog is crucial. 

Training also creates bonds between dogs. Thus, you lose out on this when you transfer the duty to someone else. Prior to committing to any action, it is advised that you begin your pet’s training.

Your dog’s behavior may be greatly impacted by board-and-train programs. These programs may also have a significant positive impact on your pet’s socialization skills and mental health. 

Before enrolling in this kind of training, it’s crucial to understand what you and your pet are getting into. Each dog owner must decide for themselves whether boarding is worth the cost and weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Ask your veterinarian about a board-and-train program for your dog if you have any significant concerns about their behavior.

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