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The Newest Trend in Dog Boarding – Dog Vacay!

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There comes a time in almost every dog owner’s life that you have to leave your dog for some reason or another. You might be traveling for work, taking a much needed vacation, or forced to leave town for a less enjoyable reason – either way, you’ve got to find some type of dog boarding to accommodate your four-legged friend.

While there are plenty of options out there, they aren’t always the best or most enjoyable for your dog.

If you choose a boarding kennel, your precious pup might be locked in a small cage for most of the day, with short walks a few times a day, and very little personal attention.

If you choose to hire an in-home dog sitter, your dog will be comfortable in his own home, but might spend a great deal of time alone between visits from the sitter.

If you choose to rely on a friend, she might let your dog out in the morning before she goes to work, forgetting to check that the gate is closed, and rather than spend the time chasing your dog down the street and being late for work, she’ll hope that your dog comes back home before you do. (Yes, this happened to me… )

So, unless you’ve got a reliable, dog-loving resource in your family and friends or a dog that enjoys spending his days locked in a small cage, the newest trend in dog boarding might be the perfect choice: Dog Vacay!

DogVacay.com is a unique new site that connects people in need of loving dog care with people willing to provide it. Instead of leaving your dog in a cage or in the care of an irresponsible friend, you’re connected with dog-lovers in your town that will take your dog into their home and provide him with the care and love that he gets at home.

Besides loving, in-home care, DogVacay goes to great lengths to ensure the quality of their hosts.

Our hosts have extensive experience caring for dogs. Many are professional pet-sitters while others are experienced dog lovers who want additional furry friends in their home. No matter who you select you get insurance coverage for your dog. And we’ve further increased safety by using Social Media Verifications, testimonials, reviews, and an instructional video. Many of our hosts are “Dog Vacay Certified” which means they’ve been interviewed their references have been checked.

Check out their commercial to see how it works:

In addition to providing the perfect vacation for your dog, you might want to consider becoming a host yourself! Make a little money and spend lots of time with dogs – what could be better?!

Would you consider using DogVacay for boarding your dog while you’re away? Or, have you used this service already? Tell us your thoughts and experiences below.

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  1. Avatar Of Eula Cabic Eula Cabic says:

    Mean’t not too shabby huh!

  2. Avatar Of Eula Cabic Eula Cabic says:

    I havve not used dog vacay. I have used the Olde Towne Pet Resort. He got a deluxe suite, not a cage, but a room. He had TV in his room. He could watch Animal Planet or whatever he wanted or bring his own favorite DVDs. There is a puppy cam so I can view him anytime on the internet while I am away. He can go shopping if he likes – he has an allowance he can spend to get a new toy or whatever interests him while he shops with an assistant onsite. He can have agility course sessions, frequent walks – at least four times a day and puppy massage sessions twice a day and also have supervised play sessions with other dogs twice a day and special treats twice a day and whatever diet his owner dictates. How about a nice filet mignon? He can have daily swimming in his own pool under supervision. Oh, he can get groomed – washed, breed haircut specific, toenails clipped or ground down to not cause pain. He can get special soaps and moisturizers or doggy perfume or girls can have their nails painted. He can get his ears cleaned, etc. Oh, if he gets ill, his regular hospital is nearby – you can preauthorize any pet care in case of an emergency. He has a raised bed with soft bedding on top with free flowing cold water in his room so he also has water available at all times. He can bring his favorite toys from home. His room is air-conditioned. He has a window so he can see outside. There is a large window in the rotunda so he can be constantly observed. He has a door to his room, no bars, and has human interaction and play periods two to four times a day, plus he is observed by cameras 24 hours a day. The air in his room is continually refreshed every hour. All this keeps him content till I return. Also, I leave a number where I can be reached 24 hours a day as well as a designated second person’s phone number in case they can’t reach me so they can make decisions if needed as preauthorized by me. They also have access to his complete medical records. He seems happy and content when I return and wants to shop even more before he leaves. His room is sound proofed so if other dogs bark, they will not disturb him. Finally he can be picked up and returned via limosine to his home if desired at a specific time. Not too shabby hush?

  3. Avatar Of Cg



    Rover.com has been doing this for a while now, since they won Startup Weekend last year–it’s a great site. Love the idea!

  4. Avatar Of Sandra Pavic sandra pavic says:

    I am interested in this Service. Also, I have outside kennels at which I may be able to board other area dogs. Please contact me. Thank you.
    Sandra of St. Robert, Missouri

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