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Basic Training

Basic Dog Obedience Training: How To Start

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The key to a peaceful life with your dog is a good training foundation. Obedience training can be fun, but it can be intimidating, especially for first-time pet owners. Dogs have different personalities and may require different styles of training. You can seek professional help or do it yourself. 

Here are some basic guides for obedience training to help you feel less overwhelmed:



Patience and consistency are keys to successful housebreaking. If you just brought home a new puppy, crate training is one way to practice housebreaking. It is a helpful tool to instill good behavior. He’ll look at it as his safe space, and this is a key factor in how your dog can feel calm when you’re not around or when he gets bored. Puppies should start housebreaking at approximately 7 ½ to 8 ½ weeks old. For older dogs rescued or adopted from the shelter, they may need re-training for housebreaking. The same process applied to puppies is also applicable to them. 

Basic Commands

Basic Commands

Recall training is necessary for emergencies and is one of the most important commands to learn. When your dog is off-leash or playing outside, a reliable recall is crucial for his safety and that of others. Learn how to teach your dog the five basic obedience cues: sit, stay, down, come, and leave it. Other commands may take a few weeks for your dog to learn, but after that, learning other cues will be easier. 

Reward Good Behavior

Reward Good Behavior

Harsh methods of training your dog are associated with an increased risk of fear, which lessens the effectiveness of the training. Training treats are excellent for teaching puppies obedience through positive reinforcement training. When your dog is cooperative, give them rewards. When they master new commands or complete an activity, offer them treats and praise. The goal is to instill good behavior by rewarding them, and with this, they are likely to repeat the behavior.

Enroll In Private Lessons

Enroll in Private Lessons

There are a lot of videos and books that can help you with your DIY obedience training, but some dogs may require more professional training than others. Expensive doesn’t always mean good. Consult your veterinarian for suggestions or look up a well-reviewed training area near you. During these classes, owners are taught the proper approach on how to convey commands to their dogs and how to encourage dogs to obey.

Dog obedience training is about patience and consistency. Choose the best method that will work for you and your dog. 

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