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Using Positive Reinforcement To Train Your Dog

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There are so many school of thought regarding the best way to train your dog. From crate training, to clickers, finding what works best for both you and your furry friends may take a little research! Having owned (or been owned by!) many different dogs, with different personalities, over the years, it became apparent that, like children, dogs don’t always learn the same way.

In this article, from OnlineDogTraining, we’ll cover using positive reinforcement to train your dog.

Using Positive Reinforcement to Train Your Dog

Learn how to use positive reinforcement for training outside of treats. It does work to give dog treats when they learn a new behavior. However, you may not always have a treat with you to congratulate you dog outside of regular training sessions. Instead, give praise by hugging and patting your dog to reinforce positive behavior.

For a healthy, happy dog, you should provide your pet with plenty of treats and activities to keep its mind stimulated. Among some of the best things for your dog are plenty of strolls in the neighborhood, chew toys and rawhide bones. Stimulate your dog, or he will become bored and do destructive things.

You won’t get anywhere in your dog training routine if your dog feels unsafe. Insecure dogs are more likely to engage in bad behaviors or to lash out unexpectedly. To prevent this from happening with your dog, always make sure his environment is conducive to feelings of comfort and safety.

When you begin training your puppy, create a bond with him by first teaching him his name. Call him using his name and teach him how to respond when called. These should be the primary words your dog needs to learn. Try to spend a good amount of time with your new dog. When he trusts you, he ends up being more responsive to all sorts of training.

Once you decide to train your dog, it is very important that you continue with the training no matter what. Through constant and positive reinforcement, you will be able to train your dog to retain the behaviors you teach them. Your dog requires food, shelter, companionship, and instruction from you every day, throughout your relationship.

Your dog will learn if you keep it up and give him rewards. First, show the dog exactly what to do. Next, make a daily routine that focuses on rewards. This is the best way to teach your dog a new command or trick. Dogs will learn how to follow your orders if you repeat the action and reward your dog each time.

Using positive reinforcement to train your dog is a good way to make him happy and loving – and more attentive to your commands. Read more of the above article here. And, let us know your ideas and comments about training your dog below!

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