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Safety Tips to Consider Before Letting Your Dog in a Pool

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By Anne Barry

Are you even a passionate dog owner if you don’t feel a sense of deep attachment when your dog licks your face? This companion that was once a stranger, has now become an important part of your family. 

If yours is anything like my family, when we play in the pool, we do it big time! Since your dog is now family, it is reasonable to let him into your family pool. However, they differ from humans in a couple of ways; and this includes their susceptibility to more hazards than us. So, it would make a lot of sense to practice certain precautions before letting your dog into the pool. Here they are:


Does your Dog Know How to Swim?

If not, teach your dog how to swim. It would be a gross error if you just put your dog into your pool without giving him adequate training on what to do when inside the water.

First, ensure you purchase a lifejacket for your dog. Pick one that is easy to put on and take off, but still fits your dog well enough to keep his head above water. Again, you want to make sure your dog’s first interaction with a pool is a positive one. So, you do not want to push or throw him violently into the pool. This would only frighten your dog and make it scared of water.

Carry your pets and lower it, first, into the shallow areas of the pool. He might be unsure of what to do, so help him swim easily. If he is reluctant, use a positive tone alongside a lot of verbal praise when he enters the pool.

Keep the Chlorine Content of the Pool Moderate

Often times, your dog might take in one or two gulps of water. If the water taken in has a high concentration of chemicals such as chlorine, it could result in a wide range of reactions and irritations. So, before letting your dog into the pool, keep the chlorine content of the pool moderate. Robotic pool cleaners could be a better alternative to chlorine. (Source: https://thepoolinsider.com)


Be on the Watch

Even if your dog is an expert swimmer and has a life jacket on, you really don’t know when emergency situations might arise. So, be on the watch. Don’t let him swim far away from you; supervise your dog always!

Get a Pool Alarm

Dogs are really unpredictable. Your dog might be on the verge of pleasure during the swimming lessons when you suddenly call it a day. Of course, she would be displeased and would want more feel of water. So, they might find their way through the front door and into the pool.

Given that your dog is still learning the concept of swimming and has neither human supervision nor a life jacket, he might be in real trouble. During this kind of scenario, humanly, you have little or no control over what happens to your dog next. However, with a pool alarm, you might get those extra seconds needed to dash through your door and save the day. Most pool alarms feature a sensor technology that triggers whenever the dog disturbs the surface of the water. A suitable alternative is building a pool fence around your pool.


Ensure your Dog Knows How to Safely Exit

Another core lesson your dog requires is knowing how to exit the pool. You could do this by guiding him to the exit from different entry points. Knowing how to get out of the pool in cases of accidental fall will help eliminate panic.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining the critical balance between keeping your dog safe and allowing her to freely enjoy the water can be tough for a dog mom or dad; but when you find that balance, it makes both you and your dog very happy.

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