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WATCH: Hero Dog Saves His Best Friend from Drowning in the Pool

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A family’s surveillance camera captured amazing footage after one of their two dogs fell into the backyard pool and the other heroically saved him.


Smokey and Remus were playing in the backyard when their human stepped inside for just a few minutes. While he was away, the dogs were being rambunctious a little too close to the family’s in-ground pool when Smokey accidentally fell in.

Shortly after falling into the pool, Smokey began struggling to get out, becoming increasingly stressed. His canine brother, Remus, quickly took action to save his best friend’s life – and the video is nothing short of amazing!

Remus’ early attempts to help Smokey from outside the pool weren’t working. So, the clever dog jumped in and swam up behind Smokey, using his body to push the exhausted dog onto the pool deck.

While this video is an amazing testament to a wonderful dog with a heart of gold, let it also serve as a reminder to prevent pet drownings in your own backyard pools. It is estimated that around 5,000 pets die every year as a result of inadequate backyard pool safety. Check out this article for simple and easy ways to keep pets safe when you have a pool.

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