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What is “Puppy Witching Hour”?

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The “puppy witching hour” is a period of the day when the activity level or behavior of the dog abruptly and briefly changes. Any dog, regardless of age, can experience the witching hour. However, puppies are more prone to them.

It is frustrating, but unfortunately, it happens frequently.

What actually happens during a witching hour? During a particular time in the morning or evening, your dog may start acting out more frequently than usual. Even after you’ve taught it not to, it can still act cheekier than usual. 

If your puppy behaves in such a way, you should try to keep track of it. You might identify a pattern over time, and you may be able to deduce something by seeing a pattern.

For many owners, 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. bring their puppies’ worst qualities out. If you are aware that your puppy does things excessively around a certain time of day, try to control or prevent this behavior and interact with your puppy in other ways.

The witching hour can be annoying at times, although it usually doesn’t last too long. The duration can vary, although it is difficult to predict. A lot of things can impact how long it takes. If your puppy is mostly restless, the witching hour may last longer on some days than it does on others. Your puppy could act completely out of control during these moments and not pay attention to you. The length of your puppy’s witching hour also depends on your ability to step in and provide comfort.

Does the witching hour end easily?

Whether your puppy ever fully grows out of its witching hours depends on a variety of things. Simply put, some breeds have complex activity levels. Even as adults, these breeds are susceptible to witching hours if not provided enough regular stimulation.

By giving your puppy the right amount of activity, you can help it calm down more quickly. Maintaining your puppy’s training will also help. Remember that your pet is unique. Given that every puppy is different, it is impossible to predict when your puppy will begin to relax more quickly.

The most important thing you can do if your puppy has a witching hour is to remain calm. Dogs have incredible perceptions. A dog’s natural capacity to detect emotions in others is the source of this ability. How you respond to your dog acting out is a big factor in how it behaves.

By not allowing puppy witching hour to start in the first place, it can be avoided. You have a significant impact on how your dog behaves. Your puppy will benefit if you can relax more quickly, train them frequently, and give them the activity they require during the day. If your puppy has enough stimulation throughout the day, it might also prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Speaking with your veterinarian about witching hours is advised if your dog’s agitation, confusion, or aggression worsens despite your efforts to control it.

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