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Bringing a New Dog In With Existing Pets

Before you go out and get a new dog or puppy to bring into your home if you already have one or more other pets, consider these potential problems that can arise.

One word of warning: although it doesn’t happen often, obtain your new pet with the understanding that you can and will have to return it if things don’t work out.

Health Issues

This is an absolute MUST:  take the new dog to the vet BEFORE taking it home. If the vet even suspects a disease, leave the dog with the vet for treatment. An unexpected communicable disease could kill one or more of your existing pets.

If the vet does suspect a problem, remove and launder your clothes and take a good shower before coming into contact with your pets.


Vaccinations are essential for a new dog that you add to the mix. Get them up to date – and stay on track!

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