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Britain’s Got Talent Star And Hero Police Dog Finn Dies At 14

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Police Dog Finn, who saved his handler’s life back in 2016 and also became a Britain’s Got Talent finalist in 2019, has crossed the rainbow bridge at age 14 on Thursday, July 28.

Finn’s death was announced on July 29 through a Facebook post on his official Facebook page. “Our beautiful, brave, Hero Finn passed away peacefully in his sleep last night. He was so loved by everyone and will be missed incredibly,” the post read.

Police constable Dave Wardell, Finn’s handler, tweeted a photo of his last moments with the hero dog. “I am completely heartbroken and this has been the hardest week of my life,” Wardell wrote.


Thin Blue Paw Foundation, a national charity that supports serving and retired police dogs across the United Kingdom, also announced Finn’s passing on July 29.

“You will forever be a hero.” The charity wrote in a Twitter post. “RPD Finn, you will be remembered for generations, and on behalf of the United Kingdom, we thank you for your service,” they continued.

Finn, dubbed as ‘Fabulous Finn’, led a great life. He is a German Shepherd that was hailed as a hero police dog in 2016, became a Britain’s Got Talent finalist in 2019, has a law named after him, and was a Thin Blue Paw Foundation ambassador.

In 2016, Finn was stabbed multiple times for saving his handler, police constable Dave Wardell. For Finn’s heroic act, he sustained near-fatal injuries to his head and chest and was not expected to survive.

But Finn was one tough doggo who made a full recovery and returned to duty until his retirement in 2017.

Finn’s heroic act in 2016 launched a campaign for a change in the law. And in 2019, “Finn’s Law” or the Animal Welfare (Service Animals) act was introduced.

The law prevents those who attack or injure service animals from claiming self-defense and will face harsher punishments.

Furthermore, Fabulous Finn also made it to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2019, with talents such as “magic”, “mind reading”, and “thought transference”.

Furthermore, Thin Blue Paw Foundation was able to raise £25,000 or about $32,000 to create a memorial statue in the hero dog’s honor, with permission from the Wardell family.

The national charity said, “Finn wasn’t just a police dog, he changed the law after suffering from stab wounds protecting his handler. Our memorial is about ensuring Finn’s legacy and service is never forgotten.”

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