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British Pet Owner Writes Dog Arthritis Book

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When your buddy is struck with dog arthritis, there can be tough times for both the owner and the dog. They usually go through medical struggles, trying out different medicinal methods and treatments, and giving it their all to prolong the dog’s life and help him or her live life to the fullest.

A writer and pet owner named Gill Carrick from Mundesley, Norfolk, in the UK, recently wrote “My Dog has Arthritis but Lives Life to the Full”, which talks about different aspects of canine arthritis, based upon her own compilation of case studies and interviews from veterinarians. The book contains information about canine arthritis such as the different types of dog arthritis, how it is diagnosed, and which breeds are most likely affected by dog arthritis. Not only that, it also tackles the different methods of treatment, and contains many useful details such as which ones have side effects and which don’t. Such treatments include physiotherapy, alternative medicine, dog supplements for their diet, and even hydrotherapy.

The book also includes tips on what kind of dog gear you might want to get your buddy if he or she has arthritis, such as walking harnesses, dog strollers, orthopedic beds and warm dog coats. And in the last section, the subject of euthanasia is presented – on how owners can deal with this ‘last resort’ option, if (and only if) they can no longer find relief for their dog that has arthritis and is suffering badly.

“My Dog has Arthritis but Lives Life to the Full” is a thoroughly researched work and features several dogs and their owners in full-colored photos. She obtained interviews with both owners and professionals throughout the UK by making appeals through the press and various radio stations.

According to the book (and the case studies), 1 out of 5 dogs usually end up with dog arthritis, and pups with hip dysplasia are the ones who are most likely to have it. Senior dogs with ailments related to old age may also experience it. Carrick says that the dogs involved were determined to follow their masters, even if they wee in great pain. It goes to show how much they still want to live and their desire to follow and keep up with their owners. Of course, those of us who are dog owners are not surprised by that fact — most of us have seen our pups in pain at one time or another, but they try to keep going regardless. In fact, there were many inspiring canine stories included in the book, such as a collie mix that was an orphaned pup and was rescued and adopted by a very kind owner.

Carrick didn’t just write a book about dog arthritis – she got the idea when she wrote a similar book about human arthritis.  She’s not stopping there; she also plans to write about arthritis in cats. Talk about being dedicated to the field of arthritis!

Published by Hubble & Hattie, the book’s price is £9.99, and can be purchased both online and in bookstores starting the end of October. Now this sounds like one great book to watch for and looks promising not only for vets, but also for owners of dogs with dog arthritis.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Marc Marc says:

    It’s painful to watch a dog suffer with arthritis. When my dog’s hip arthritis was diagnosed, I was willing to do almost anything to help her be more comfortable. I’ve read everything I’ve found and I’ve tried everything my vet’s suggested. I was surprised to learn that arthritis eventually affects one in every five dogs. Although nothing’s cured her arthritis completely, my dog is a little more mobile now. I’m happy to learn about Ms. Carrick’s book on dog arthritis – the more we all know about the condition and how to deal with it, the better.

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