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Brussels Griffon

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The Brussels Griffon, also known as the Belgian Griffon, is a trendy breed of sturdy lapdog that originated in Belgium. It belongs to the Toy breed family which is adored by their small size and sweet expression. Like any other toy dog, Brussels Griffon pets also embody pure charm. The breed has been developed to become endearing family companions and reliable watchdogs. Brussels Griffons have two coat variants: the rough and smooth. The former is dense and wiry, while the latter is short, glossy, and straight. Coat colors usually include red, belge, black and tan, and solid black.

Height and Weight

Both the male and female members of the Brussels Griffon breed normally stand a height of about 7 to 8 in at the withers, and weigh approximately 6 to 12 lbs.


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Griffons, in general, are cheerful, lively, and intelligent dogs that have a terrier-like temperament. They bond well with other dogs and animals, and they make good companions. Griffon pets are curious, charming, and affectionate. They love everyone, and are easy to teach to perform tricks. The breed makes excellent watch dogs. They are intolerant with kennel-living, and have the propensity to become greedy and picky eaters if fed on table scraps. Because Griffons are likely to develop the Small Dog Syndrome, owners have to be firm yet gentle, self-assured and consistent at disciplining them. Otherwise, the breed will develop behavior problems such as obsessive barking, snapping, willfulness, separation anxiety, and even biting. Lack of exercise may also make the pet rather high-strung and overly sensitive.


Brussels Griffons, like other lapdogs, are no exception to pampering rituals. The pet needs to be brushed every other day, and their ears have to be cleaned regularly. Trimming as well as coat-shaping is oftentimes scheduled on a quarterly basis. Wiping their beard every after feeding session is also necessary to keep the part from being bound to cake.

Health Concerns

Some of the health complications associated with this toy breed are luxating patella, cataracts, and Legg Perthes. Griffons are also prone to suffer from slipped stifle and respiratory problems. Nevertheless, with proper attention, diet, and exercise, the breed can live for as long as 12 to 15 years.

Best Environment

Although Griffons are quite hyperactive; the breed can already be adequately exercised indoors. A yard is not a requirement for this little fellow. Nonetheless, constant human companionship is highly necessary. Indeed, Griffons are completely meant to become indoor pets. Because the breed is intolerant to both hot and chilly climates, owners have to always monitor the room temperature. Daily short walks are already enough to meet Griffons’ minimal exercise needs. A couple of brief indoor games may also suffice.

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  1. Avatar Of Linda Sherman

    Linda Sherman


    OMG! That is the worse picture of a Griffy I have EVER seen. The article neglects in all areas of describing this WONDERFUL breed. Everyone that owns one, two, three, or like me, 5 Griffy’s will tell you the same thing. These are NOT dogs at all, but extremely intelligent ‘little people’ in dog suits. Their nickname is “The Velcro Dog” as they follow you everywhere you go…They are NOT happy unless they are with you.

    The coat colors described are correct except for the Red. The Red coated Griffons can be from a dark mahogany to a light blonde. Belge, for those who don’t have a clue as what color that actually is: When Black hairs are mixed in with the promonate red color.

    Griffons were origionally bred to catch rats in the barns and then later to be Coach Companions.

    If you are considering adoption, please go to “The National Brussels Griffon” web page. They have available Griffys all the time. And come visit “I Love My Brussels Griffon” Group via FB. All of us can answer any questions you may have. (they are like potato chips…you can’t have only one)

    In closing…..my car’s license plate holder says:
    I Do What my Brussel’s Griffon Tells me to do…..

    Griffons have completely flat faces. Their nose is black and sits mid-way between their large round eyes. Their eyes give them an almost human feature.

    • Avatar Of Elsie



      Linda! I couldn’t agree more! Although mine is a Shiffon, which really looks and acts more brussels than shitzu. I have had two. Tan,red,blk beard (Chewie) and (Bowie) black as night like his brussels dad as a pup and silver has grown in from shitzu his mom. They are….for sure…like little people!!!!! OMG!!!!! I cant even begin to say how many times people have said that, to myself saying it also! And they do follow you everywhere and want to guard you. And play and learn tricks… I love my Bowie!

      P.S. That is really a bad pic of a brussels??? I didn’t get that at all?
      Love my little brussels!

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