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Abused Calgary Dog Now Adopted By Man Who Reported The Abuse

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A dog from Calgary rescued from abuse in August is adopted on Wednesday, September 6 by the same man who reported the abuse.

Last month, CTV News Calgary reported that police officers responded to a report of a man “actively abusing a dog” while walking in Inglewood.

And then in a news release by Calgary Police Service, it was revealed that a witness confronted the suspect about his behavior towards the dog, and “the suspect is believed to have threatened the witness during the exchange.”

The man was revealed to be fostering the dog, a German Shepherd named Amber, from the Alberta Rescue Foundation (ARF).

Upon discovery of the abuse, ARF immediately removed Amber from the man’s care. And the man is now facing animal abuse charges.

Now, Amber’s life is about to change for the better after being adopted by the same man who reported her abuse.

The man who reported the abuse and Amber’s new fur dad, Dennis Sorensen, told Global News Canada, “She’ll be a fantastic dog for walks along the river and through the Inglewood neighborhood.”

Sorensen also joked, “I think there is going to be a lot more hair in the house.”

Talking to Global News Canada, Sorensen says he is grateful for the support from Calgarians after the news about the abuse broke last month.

Sorensen recalled, “I just kind of wanted to de-escalate the situation. But once that wasn’t going anywhere I thought it best to document it. It’s a very emotional event for people.”

“I don’t think we could have asked for a better ending,” Sorensen continued.

The executive director of ARF, Tanaya Jilg, expressed her feelings when the report of the abuse was revealed saying, “Obviously, it was very devastating and upsetting to everybody because our volunteers take so much care of the animals every day. It’s their top priority.”

But Jilg cannot hide her excitement for Amber after finally finding a forever home for her.

She tells Global News Canada, “To see Amber find an amazing home, it’s just all we want for all the animals that enter our facility every year.”

She also praises Sorensen and called him amazing for helping with Amber’s case. “Dennis helped solve the case. He’s been amazing ever since we saw the horrible footage online.”

Jilg also reveals, “Dennis has been coming here regularly to bond and spend time with Amber and gain her trust.”

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