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Can Your Dog Benefit From Fish Oil?

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You’ve probably heard of the benefits of supplementing your own diet with the omega-3’s found in fish oil. These fatty acids have been shown to reduce inflammation, ease allergies, and improve the symptoms of arthritis. But, can your dog benefit from fish oil, too? In this article by Diane Watkins of Dog Health Guide, we learn how your dog can benefit from a fish oil supplement to their diet – and another way to get this important fatty acid into their diet by using cold-water fish in their food!

Can Your Dog Benefit From Fish Oil?

Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs

For many years veterinarians have recommended feeding fish oil to treat canine allergies and skin conditions. New research is showing that omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil are good for preventing and treating a wide variety of canine diseases.

Older dogs suffering from arthritis will especially benefit from the healing properties of fish oils. The anti-inflammatory effects of omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for treating the itching and inflammation associated with allergy-related skin conditions.

Supplementing Your Dogs Diet with Fish Oil

You can purchase fish oil supplements for animals, but why not just add cold water fish to your dogs diet? When fish is fed as part of the normal canine diet, there is no need to worry about proper dosing for your dogs size. Dogs will naturally get the proper amount as part of their normal dietary requirements.

Salmon and other cold water fish are high in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Feeding two servings a week of a high quality homemade dog food containing salmon as a protein source should be sufficient for most dogs. If your dog is suffering from arthritis, kidney failure, skin diseases or other inflammatory diseases, add a fish oil supplement to your dogs daily supplements.

See Benefits in Six to Eight Weeks

As with most nutritional therapies, it will take a while to notice changes in your pets health. Allow at least six to eight weeks of regular omega-3 therapy to evaluate the benefits for your pet.

Read the rest of Diane’s article here. Be sure to consult your veterinarian before beginning any supplement for your pets and specifically, if your dog can benefit from fish oil in their diet. Have you ever given your dog a fish oil or omega-3 supplement? Did you notice any significant improvements to their health? Tell us about it below!

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  1. Avatar Of James James says:

    Yes, I use Salmon fish oil for all my dogs on a daily basis. There is no downside to giving salmon oil to a dog of any age. Highly recommended!

  2. Great post! So many pet owners are unaware that the commercial foods they are buying may actually be contributing to their poor health and poor skin of their pets. Fish oil, kibble free formulas, or even adopting a raw diet are all methods to clear up our dog’s health issues and increase the longevity of their lives!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Avatar Of Paula Harmer

    Paula harmer


    I feed my dogs raw and salmon oil forms part of their diet. Another reason I give it, other than helping to ensure balance in their diet, is that I understand it helps with allergies and one of my dogs has a number of allergies which often cause him to have ear problems. Nothing since using salmon oil …. Of course, it could be coincidence…….

  4. Avatar Of Jill



    I give my Jack Russell Terrier a fish oil tablet every day. She used to get this spot on her back and it would drive her crazy. Now, she rarely gets it and doesn’t itch.

  5. Avatar Of Colleen Colleen says:

    My friends small Chihuahua was having a lot of skin problems and then she found an omega 3 that really helped. Since my puppy was having dry skin – she told me use Packenzie Petite omega 3. It’s very easy for small dogs and puppies to swallow.
    I hope this helps

    • Avatar Of Sharon Holmes

      sharon holmes


      Why not just make salmon cookies? Cheaper and you know what’s in them! Been giving my dog two every evening. She always knows when it’s 9:00pm EVERY night!

      • Avatar Of Lynn



        Would you share the recipe for the salmon cookies please- Thanks, Lynn

        • Avatar Of Diana Pincombe

          Diana Pincombe


          Service Dog Awareness posted this recipe:

          “Great treat for dogs… Empty entire contents of a can of pink salmon into a mixing bowl. Add 2 eggs and two cups of organic brown rice flour. Knead well. Roll out onto greased cookie sheet to approximately 1/4 inch thickness. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes, Cut into treat size pieces and freeze. Serve frozen. Doggies go wild for these.”

          This sounds easy and I’m soooo going to try it!

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