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The Cane Corso, also called Italian Mastiff, is a well-liked breed of massive, powerful dog that originated in Italy. It belongs to the working breed family which is noteworthy for their being exceptional at performing jobs such as sled-pulling, guarding properties, or water-rescuing. Cane Corsos have been bred to become guard dogs and game hunters. Their short, shiny coat is dense, and vitreous in texture. It usually comes in numerous colors such as black, slate, plumb gray, light gray, blue gray, dark fawn, deer fawn, light fawn, and tubby.

Height and Weight

The male members of the Cane Corso breed normally stand a height of 24 to 27 in at the withers, and weigh 99 to 110 lbs. Bitches, on the other hand, are slightly smaller with a typical height of 23 to 25 in, and a weight of 88 to 99 lbs.


Cane CorsoCane Corsos, in general, are calm, loyal, and even-minded dogs. They are active, very intelligent, and easy to train. The breed is also known to be willing and eager to please their owners. They make exceptional watch and guard dogs. Cane Corsos are also docile and affectionate toward their family owners. They bond well with children, and can be rather protective yet gentle. They tend to stick really close to their masters, and hardly ever wander away from home. Cane Corsos are not fighting dogs, though can definitely become bold and brave protectors of people and properties. The breed requires an experienced handler who can show a natural air of authority over them. Without proper socialization, these dogs can become quite aggressive toward strangers and other canines. Lack of exercise may also result to these pets becoming rather destructive.


During cold periods, Cane Corsos acquire thick undercoats. Their short yet coarse coat needs to be brushed regularly about once every week to eliminate dead hair. Brushing may be stepped up at the time when they shed their winter undercoats.

Health Concerns

Similar to other gigantic dog breeds, Cane Corsos are also prone to several bone and joint complications. With proper care, nutrition, and exercise, the breed can live for as long as 10 to 11 years.

Best Environment

Members of the Cane Corso breed are rarely suitable for apartment living. Because of their large size, access to a spacious yard is highly recommended. The breed may thrive outdoors as long as they are given good shelter. Cane Corsos require plenty of daily exercise such as jogging or long, brisk walks at the very least.




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