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Canine Escape Artist Opens Several Doors & Escapes Animal Hospital

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A Virginia dog must have really been missing his family when the canine escape artist used his mouth, and some incredible skill, to open several doors and escape the animal hospital where he was being boarded.

Ten-year old Great Pyrenees, General, was boarding at eh Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital while his family went on vacation. But the smart boy had other ideas.

Late Monday night, after hospital staff had left for the night, General somehow escaped from his room at the facility. And his adventure didn’t end there.

After opening several more doors and roaming the animal hospital for more than two hours, General eventually made his way outside and casually walked away.

Worried for their beloved furry family member, the Campbell family – along with the animal hospital – posted photos of General in hopes that a good Samaritan would spot him. It worked, and General was found in a nearby neighborhood about 15 hours after his disappearance.

“It’s been tough,” said Travis Campbell, the dog’s owner. “He’s a little Houdini when it comes to opening doors. He can get a lot of doors open.”

The family knew General could open doors, but didn’t think his special skills would ever go this far.

“I knew that he could open doors and all that, but I didn’t think he would be able to get through the doors of the vet,” Campbell said.

Today, General is safely back at home with his family, who may be considering dog-proof padlocks in the future.

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1 Comment

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    He must have some golden retriever in him too.

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