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Canine Joint Health: 5 Simple Ways to Ease Pain

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Does your pooch suffer from joint pain? Perhaps, arthritis has set in? If you have visited your vet and confirmed that your dog is actually suffering from such a medical condition, then maybe it’s about time for you to jump in and help your dog out. Or, if you have a breed of pup that’s susceptible, these 5 easy ways to ease his joint pain can also help to prevent it!

Alleviating your Dog’s Joint Problem

Most vets advise dogs with joint pain to let their dogs take a rest combined with adequate diet and possible medications. However, if their pooch’s joint pain still persists even after a long period of time, owners need to start taking necessary actions. Below are some of the great things you can do to give Fido that much needed comfort. Spare your pooch from any more pain as you give him adequate joint lubrication and flexibility.

· Feeding your dog right. Providing your pooch with a diet rich in glucosamine is important to keep his joint health in good condition. Lots of specialty dog foods in many pet stores have glucosamine in them; usually seen with a “joint health formula” label. Although this can be quite pricy, it nonetheless can save you from a cumbersome vet bill along the way.

· Providing Fido exercise. However counter-intuitive it may sound, working a sore joint can actually make your dog’s condition better since regular physical activities can keep his affected joints lubricated. Of course, we are not talking about a rigorous exercise here. A nice walk in a dog park or an easy jog around your neighborhood will suffice. Besides, exercise will also keep his body weight down.

· Giving occasional massage. You can also relieve lots of tension pain in Fido’s joints by applying light pressure on the muscles around his joints. Remember to massage him around, never on, the aching joint itself. Doing this twice a day for one or two minutes will surely make a big difference on your pooch’s condition.

· Trying some acupressure. Squeezing Fido’s achilles heel, the tendon right above your dog’s paw, by the ankle, with the use of your thumb and middle finger will also help in easing the pain your dog is suffering from. Try doing this for half or one hour and your pooch will certainly bliss out.

· Embracing natural remedies. If you can, avoid administering potentially harmful medication. Instead, use various natural supplements by looking for a homeopathic solution that will alleviate Fido’s joint pain as you lubricate his affected junctions, promote flexibility, and enhance your pooch’s own restorative process.

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    Dasuquin supplements and laser therapy also help tremendously.

  2. Avatar Of Julia Craig Julia Craig says:

    Arthritis is a problem that leads to joint pain. But how can we diagnose this problem in our pet dogs ? What are the symptoms? I was unaware of the fact that pets can also get arthritis. And I would like to thank you for providing tips to decrease the pain due to arthritis.

  3. Your tips are very useful. I will use these tips in future. Keep Posting.

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