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Casper The Great Pyrenees Wins The American Farm Bureau Federation’s ‘2024 People’s Choice Pup’

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The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) names Casper The Great Pyrenees as this year’s People’s Choice Pup.

Last month, the Great Pyrenees from Georgia, who is best known to have killed 8 coyotes to protect its owner’s flock of sheep, was nominated for the Farm Bureau’s Farm Dog of the Year award.

While Casper didn’t win the coveted title, he was a certified fan favorite and was named “People’s Choice Pup”.

The contest is part of the overall Farm Dog of the Year competition. And members of the public were invited to vote for their favorite pupper. By the end of the competition, over 100,000 votes were casted.

Casper will take home a trophy, a gift basket, and a $1000 cash prize for the award. And according to the AFBF, the doggo’s owner, John Wierwille, donated the cash prize to LifeLine Animal Project.

LifeLine Animal Project tended to Casper’s injuries and cared for him after his encounter with the coyotes in 2022.

On AFBF’s website, Casper is said to be “best known for fending off coyotes to protect his flock of sheep.”

On January 22, Wierwille shared the news about Casper’s “People’s Choice Pup” win on Facebook. He wrote, “Thank you also to everyone who voted for our brave, determined, and goofy livestock protector.”

He continued, “We are proud of Casper and glad he has a long life of doing what he loves ahead of him.”

The coveted “2024 Farm Dog of the Year” title went to a Border Collie, Catahoula Hound, and Australian Shepherd mix named Skippy.

According to the AFBF, Skippy helps his owner, Donald Adams, who was injured on the farm, continue to do what he loves.

“Thanks to Skippy, Donald continues to farm, growing stronger every day,” AFBF wrote.

The Farm Dog of the Year contest celebrates farm dogs and the various ways they support farmers and ranchers across the country produce nutritious food for families.

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