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Caught on Film: Man Tries to Ditch his Dog, Twice!

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In an interview you just have to see to believe, Daniel Sohn brazenly explains that he wasn’t ditching his dog outside of a Denver animal shelter, but was “giving him a choice” to be with Sohn or a different owner.

Twice, Sohn put his dog, a German Shepherd named Bronson, out of his vehicle and attempted to drive off, both times Bronson chased after him.

Sohn says he then drove with the dog to Los Angeles where he “jumped out the window” and disappeared.

An investigation has been launched into why Sohn didn’t try to surrender his dog properly and what actually happened to Bronson. Officials are asking anyone with any information about the man, or the location of the dog to call Denver Animal Control at 720-337-1800.

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  1. Avatar Of Monica Fryer MONICA FRYER says:

    Sohn is a screwball I don’t believe he is in the fashion business to start with who would wear what he has on and telling the reporter he doesn’t give permission for showing him on tv even though its on the internet of his dog running after him after tossing his dog out his car I do hope that dog is alive somewhere and has a new family. But then what can you expect from a mams boy and someone who is a flamboyant gay. Gives homosexuals a real bad name. He definitely needs locking up either in jail or a nuthouse

  2. Avatar Of Katie



    Does anyone know if they found poor Bronson?! I hope so.

  3. Avatar Of Ashleigh Alexander

    Ashleigh Alexander


    The article says that this guy drove with the dog to LA and the dog “jumped out of the window at a gas station there”. I call bullshit. Sohn is due in court July 2nd on charges of abuse and neglect so let’s pray he is convicted and has to serve time. As of 4 days ago, Bronson the dog, has not been found. At least no report of him being found has been made. I just want to drive to LA and start looking….too bad I am in Washington. What a dick.

  4. Avatar Of Michelle



    what an absolute ass hole…. i hope karma gets you… i pray your in the biggest accident and your stuck in some home…. unfortunately, we cant put you down. your an awful person and you, your family and friends should be ashamed of you… hope you rot in hell. prick…..

  5. Avatar Of Martin Sanders

    Martin Sanders


    Stinking slant eyed devil

    • Avatar Of Nick



      really Martin Sanders?
      “slant eyed?” you had to involve race in this?
      for all i know, you could do the same to your dog, you ignorant fuck.

  6. Avatar Of Janu



    OMG his waste of human.. This guy should be arrested and never ever be allowed to own an animal of any kind. poor dog, he will be better off with another owner.who love him not some one like this guy. Let’s give this guy a better life behind bars!! I’m so angry!!!hope the dog is okay…

  7. Avatar Of Valeire



    How in the hell does someone drive off and look at their dogs trying to get to them. This guy is the lowest of the low. Someone needs to throw him out of a vehicle and leave him in the desert.

  8. Avatar Of Heather



    OH MY GOD – Is this guy for real? I feel like I’m in a glass bubble screaming to be let out and no one can hear me, I’m that speechless after watching this video!!! This guy is one tool short of a toolbox, perhaps more!!! A total DISCONNECT and ALL OVER THE MAP trying to tell more lies on top of his crazy lies, its mind boggling just listening to him. He’s talking as if were the crazy ones! I don’t know how the news reporter maintained her composure throughout the interview. Its pretty obvious he’s not the slightest bit upset or concerned about the welfare of his dog. The only thing this Psychopath-bastard is sorry about is that he got caught! My heart and stomach ache for this poor dog. After making several failed attempts to discard his dog, run it over and by the sounds of things twice if you count January, pushed or probably threw it out of a more than likely moving vehicle in LA, he’s been busted BIG TIME and he has the audacity to say that I’m sure he’s found a good home in a nice neighbourhood while plugging his new business and acting like he’s a celebrity and deserves privacy. Seriously? I hope he has a good lawyer!!! This dog is already injured from the Denver Animal parking lot and this guy showed NO remorse whatsoever. SCARRY!!! The contradictions, the back peddling, the animal cruelty is so disheartening and sickening. Again I’m speechless but feel compelled to write to plea for justice for Bronson. This guy is OFF THE CHARTS CRAZY and I hope the authorities slap every animal cruelty charge imaginable at him.

  9. Avatar Of Gina Rzeznik

    Gina Rzeznik


    How in the heck does this lowlife loser see out of his eyes? It looks like two paper cuts to his face. This guy is a wacko, animal abusing idiot with morons for parents. The one good thing about this story is that he and his family didn’t eat Bronson, which is surprising. These disgusting pieces of human excrement should never be allowed to own another animal again. I hope Bronson is found and he gets a great home.

  10. Avatar Of Danielle



    What a waste of human breath.

  11. Avatar Of Ladyblahblah



    Ok… because this could quite possibly be the biggest idiot running around on the planet, to think there are millions with this same mentality … still running around, leaves me no hope for current or future civilization!!! This guy should be locked up in the “ward”… you know? At first I was furious with this idiot… now I am just saddened because he is not even in touch with reality!! I hope he never has a dog or cat ever again in his life!! Punishment wouldn’t do a thing for this guy … he wouldn’t get it anyway!!

  12. Avatar Of Bridget Smith

    Bridget Smith


    You piece of shit. Listen to yourself trying to get away with explaining why you DUMPED your dog. You are a terrible person. Shame on you. You are disgusting. I would run you over if I saw you in the street. You don’t care about your dog, you don’t give a shit about what happened to him. Hope Karma comes and does terrible things to you, slowly. Calling you an arsehole is not enough. Hopefully someone else finds you.

  13. Avatar Of Hilda



    he is devil friend shame on you some 0ne should put you in a car and run you over and see if he would like it i would not want have a son like you peace of shit

  14. Avatar Of B



    Is he HIGH????? What a JERK! I LOVE this reporter though. She just keeps going and he keeps going and the more he talks the more of an idiot he becomes. I hope he watches this video and reads all of our comments. I’m still watching as I comment and it just never ends. If he REALLY didn’t want it to be recorded than he would have just walked away. Scum!!!

  15. Avatar Of Jack



    This f@@kng lowlife POS is NUTS-
    I bet he killed his dog-
    He will next be seen in a theater near you shooting up the place.
    Will someone please put him in an alley and take care of this garbage.
    Thinking of taking a trip to Denver….

    • Avatar Of Slava Slava says:

      May 28, 2014 | 7:00 pm

      “He will next be seen in a theater near you shooting up the place.”

      AGREED – a human being whom shows this little concern for the life of another, well, they usually have some screws loose. Animal abuse is known to be a precursor to human abuse. Hopefully, this guy gets the help he needs before he harms any other innocents.

  16. Avatar Of Kathryn Turner

    Kathryn Turner


    What an ASS! You are a fake and deserve to be locked up for animal cruelty. What did you do with Bronson??? He did not just jump out of your window in the middle of no where and run off when you tried twice to dump him off. I hope that Bronson is alive and safe and if the story is found to be that he is deceased then you deserve to rot in hell!!! People like you are what ruins perfectly great animals!!

  17. Avatar Of Shari



    Yeah this guy is a complete idiot, all I can say is I pray this dog has found a great home and that dude is NEVER allowed to get another dog, arrest his ass, he is doing nothing but lying through his teeth.

  18. Avatar Of Andrea



    F**K FACE!! He should be dropped off in the middle of the desert and left to die. I HATE people like him!! No feelings for a defenseless animal that did nothing but give this ASS unconditional love….even after he tried to dump him off two times. Poor Bronson didn’t know any better. I truly hope someone found this beautiful dog and is giving him the life he so deserves. As for this POS I hope they fine him a crap load of money and give him time. Karma will be gunning for him and hopefully soon.

  19. Avatar Of Lois Batchelor

    Lois Batchelor


    OK, what does this guy have in the Coke can? Has he been using too much medical marijuana? I hope that he is prosecuted for abandoning his dog.

    Oops! He didn’t give permission to air this. You;re in trouble now!

  20. Avatar Of Pavel



    This guy is idiot if he “think” we believe to him…

  21. Avatar Of Marlo



    This guy is a piece of work! Please do not judge all SCION owners off of this bag of meat. I have a SCION xB and i just rescued an Akita/Shepie mix from a shelter! Ill let KARMA handle Sohn’s disappointing actions. I hope the doggie is doing ok and has found some shelter…

  22. Avatar Of Lynn



    This guy is a lying piece of shit. His story keeps changing. Then he hit the dog, but he has such a bond that he tries to ditch him. OH, his parents said he would have a better life without a dog. He gave the dog an option or choice. Is this guy for real? You gave a dog a choice of which he has no comprehension. Like he’s gonna answer back. God knows if he dog could talk he would have said yes I want a better life with someone else. I don’t believe a word this guy says. This story will not air or his attorney will be notified. If he actually has a lawyer, he would advise his client to shut the F*@^K UP. This guy just got his 15 minutes of fame. I’m sorry what an A-Hole. This guy should never be allowed to have another dog ever in his lifetime. His entire story is BULLSh—T. Get a life you loser.

  23. Avatar Of Vickie B.

    Vickie B.


    I would love to know just where the dog is. Did he “run off” in Denver or LA? This story kept changing and changing. I pray the dog has the home that he deserves.

    • Avatar Of Ashleigh Alexander

      Ashleigh Alexander


      The jackass owner drove with the dog to LA and the dog “jumped out of the window at a gas station” and the owner didn’t try to find him. I call bullshit but whatever. As of 4 days ago, the dog has not been found or at least not been reported as found.

  24. Avatar Of Debbie Stumbaugh

    Debbie Stumbaugh


    This guy should be arrested and never ever be allowed to own an animal of any kind. That poor dog, he will be better off with another owner. Let’s give this guy a better life behind bars!! I’m so angry!!!

  25. Your a piece of shi-. I wish I had 5 Mins with you, so pissed I just don’t know what to say. If you have your own business like you said I would be out there TELLING everyone what you did. God I cant stand the thought of you not being punished some how. Worst of luck to you in EVERYTHING you do from now till you DIE!

  26. Avatar Of Sylviakiwi



    You should be put in jail you worthless piece of crap!

  27. Avatar Of Lorie Goisovich

    Lorie Goisovich


    I have no words for you except id tie u to my bumper then drive off…ur an asshole!!

  28. Avatar Of Michelle Greenway

    Michelle Greenway


    Sohn, I hope you wind up dead in an alley somewhere. You can’t do that to a dog that loved you unconditionally. There are many German Shepherd Rescue organizations out there that would have taken him and found him a real loving home. I am so angry about this I could throw you through a car window on the highway. YOU KILLED A DEFENSELESS ANIMAL. You are worse than trash.

  29. Avatar Of Kitty



    Sohn, you are a piece of garbage! Does anyone know if this poor dog has been found?

  30. Avatar Of Beth Cronin

    Beth Cronin


    Dear Jerk…………hope a woman dumps you out of the car and drives off so you can make a ‘choice’……..course if she is smart, she’ll keep on driving. A man that can do that to an animal deserves all the bad luck he acquires.

  31. Avatar Of Patricia Rouse

    Patricia Rouse


    Daniel Sohn, you are an awful person and a flat out liar! What do you mean you were giving Bronson a choice to live with you or someone else? That’s not what you were doing, you were dumping him off in the street. But the dog loved you so much he chased after you twice. And then you drove to LA and Bronson jumped out of the window. NO once again you were trying to get rid of Bronson. I hope Bronson finds someone who will truly love and appreciate him. You did not deserve that wonderful dog. Shame on you!!!!!

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