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Chicago Man Builds “Little Free Library” for Neighborhood Dogs

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You may have seen a “Little Free Library” book-sharing box in your own neighborhood. The organization, that encourages reading and provides access to free books to millions of Americans, inspired one skilled woodworker to create a similar little library—for dogs!

Wayne Johnson, known as WaybeBites, is a graphic designer, skilled chef, woodworker, and crafter that uses his popular YouTube channel to inspire others to craft, create, travel, and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Now, he’s hoping the dogs of Sunnyside Mall, a community space in the Sheridan Park neighborhood of Uptown Chicago, will enjoy their lives a little more, too.

When he was asked to build a replacement for the Mall’s deteriorating Little Free Library, Johnson thought dogs of the community could benefit from a sharing box just for them. Mounted at ground level, the handcrafted, open-top wood box reads “Fetch one. Leave one.” After installing, Johnson filled the box with a variety of sticks. Shortly after, someone had already added tennis balls to the box, too.

“We should all be doing something to make our neighborhoods better,” Johnson said in a Youtube video about the library project. “This is my little effort here.”

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