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Chicago Police Enter Innocent Family’s Fenced Yard, Shoot & Kill Senior Dog

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A Chicago family is mourning the loss of their furriest family member, a 10-year old Italian Mastiff named Castro, at the hands of police.

While in pursuit of an armed robber, Chicago Police entered Terry Taylor’s fenced backyard, past the “Beware of Dog” sign, and shot Castro multiple times, killing him. When a neighbor asked police why they shot the dog, police said the assailant did it.

As it turns out, the assailant wasn’t even in the Taylor’s backyard, but was hiding under their front porch steps, witnesses the whole thing. He remained hidden for over three hours until police left.

The family was shocked when, while they sat talking on the front porch, the armed robber, holding his gun, emerged from under the porch. He put his gun into his waistband and reportedly said ‘I apologize for the police killing your dog, I seen the whole thing,’ before taking off down the street.

The family are angry – their beloved dog was killed and the robber was never caught because, they say, police botched the investigation. They are requesting that their dog’s body be removed and cremated at police expense.

The armed robber is still at large.

Rest in peace, Castro.

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