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What Is Clicker Training?

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There seem to be countless schools of thought regarding the best way to train our dogs. In your search for finding which method to use, you’ve probably wondered, “what is clicker training?” and “will it work for my dog?” We found an excellent explanation at JackRussellLover.com that explains this popular training method and helps you to determine if your dog is a good candidate.

What is Clicker Training?

Finding a comprehensive clicker training guide for dogs is no easy task. The dog training market is flooded with low quality products and “quick fix” options that don’t correct your dog’s behavior in the long run. A good clicker training system shouldn’t just produce quick results – it should also produce lasting results.

If you’ve heard about clicker training for dogs, you’ve probably heard a lot of hype.If you’re a critical thinker you may also be questioning whether clicker training is really as good as it sounds, or if it’s all just buzz and no substance. The good news is, there are plenty of benefits to be had from clicker training. But, as with anything, you need to have the right information before you charge off in the wrong direction.

What Clicker Training Really Does

Clicker training is a style of training which conditions your dog to associate a sound – the click – with a reward. In reality, all dog training is based on this kind of conditioning. But clicker training does provide advantages over training simply by voice commands and treats.The clicker allows you to pin-point the exact action your dog is being rewarded for. This leads to faster learning, as the dog is able to figure out which action to repeat. It is also indispensible in teaching complicated movements and tricks. The clicker can speed up the teaching of simple commands and techniques, and makes it possible to easily teach advanced commands.

Will Dog Clicker Training Help You?

Clicker training isn’t necessary for every dog. Most owners will be able to achieve a desirable level of obedience without the use of a clicker. However, for teaching stubborn dogs or taking a dog’s training to a higher level, the clicker is an incredibly useful tool. Clicker training can be very effective if you experience any of the following problems with your dog:

  • Your dog doesn’t seem to understand the behaviors you want her to repeat
  • Your dog seems to “forget” things she has already learned (in actual fact she probably didn’t learn them right the first time)
  • You feel you’re making slow progress with training and want to speed things up
  • You find it difficult to teach complicated movements using just your voice and treats
  • Your dog is good with training overall, but there’s one particular aspect or command, such as loose-leash walking, that causes issues

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