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Cold Weather is Kicking In: Caring for Paws and Pads in Winter

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The winter months are here — and it’s time to take care of your pets’ paws so they stay comfortable, prevent snow, ice, debris, and toxic salt from getting stuck in between the toes and pads, and keep those winter messes from coming inside! 

With a little bit of practice and preparation, it’s easy to give your dog a PAW-dicure at home! Here are some tips, tools, techniques, and tricks to get the job done right.

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Why groom your dog’s paws in the winter?

Many pet parents think that when the forecast calls for cold and snow it’s time to put down the brush and comb and slack a little bit when it comes to grooming. But, the opposite is actually true! In fact, you need to pay extra attention to your dog’s paws when the snow falls. 

Winter can be extra ruff on your dog’s feet. Those sensitive paw pads are exposed to harsh elements like ice, freezing temperatures, dry air, sharp surfaces, and toxic chemicals. If their feet aren’t groomed properly, extra fuzz between the toes can trap toxic deicing chemicals, prevent your pup from having any traction on slippery surfaces, and carry wet and muddy messes right into your house.  

How to Groom Feet and Paw Pads for Winter

What if your dog doesn’t like having their toes touched? First, whether you have a young puppy or an older dog, you’ll want to immediately start implementing these 7 Steps to Raising a Dog that Enjoys Being Groomed. Most importantly, begin introducing your dog to the sights, sounds, and sensations of nail trimmers and clippers at a young age. Start slowly and make every experience with grooming tools positive for your dog. If you’re wrestling with your dog to trim their nails, it won’t be a good experience for either of you.

In the video below, Andis Grooming Ambassador and professional groomer, Brian Taylor demonstrates how to get your pup’s paws ready for the winter season ahead.

All of the grooming tools Brian used in the demonstration above can be found at Andis.com. Use coupon code DOGPOST10 for 10% OFF orders over $50 and FREE SHIPPING on any purchase over $99!

First, Brian used the Andis Pulse Li5 clippers to trim the fur on his furry assistant’s, Coco’s, feet and to gently and lightly carve out the fur between her paw pads. 

Next, he recommends trimming the dog’s nails after you’ve clipped that excess fur out of the way. Nails can be clipped with the Andis Nail Clippers or, if your dog doesn’t like having her nails clipped, the Andis Cordless Nail Grinder makes it easy to shorten and smooth the nails without the risk of cutting too short.

Finally, Brian suggests finishing by applying a paw balm to your dog’s pads to moisturize and protect them against harsh winter elements.

For even more in-depth details on caring for nails, paws, and paw pads year-round, check out this guide to Trimming Your Dog’s Nails and Paw Pads.


All of the grooming tools discussed in this guide can be found at Andis.com. Use coupon code DOGPOST10 for 10% OFF orders over $50 and FREE SHIPPING on any purchase over $99! (Offer valid through 12/31/2021, unlimited uses).

For even more grooming tips and tricks, visit Andis Grooming College for answers to commonly asked questions, how-to videos, and step-by-step guides to grooming your dogs at home.

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