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Colorado Town’s ‘Honorary Mayor’ Helps Local Welcome The Snow Season

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Georgetown, Colorado has an “unlikely” and fluffy honorary mayor that marked the arrival of the snow season and is helping its local get ready for wintertime.

The town’s honorary mayor, a four-legged pooch named Parker The Snow Dog, is paw-sitively excited for the snow season!

“Back to work. Making snow! My favorite time of year,” the caption on the video uploaded to the honorary mayor’s Facebook page read.

In the video uploaded on October 17, you can see Parker wearing his snow gear, sitting in the snow, while a snow cannon blasts behind him.

On October 18, another video of the canine mayor was uploaded to his social media pages as he continues his work to make snow at Loveland Ski Area.

“The first day of snowmaking hits different. So happy to be back on the mountain doing snow dog stuff.”


Parker is a four-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog. And he was voted as the town’s Honorary Mayor on February 11, 2020 according to his official website (yes, Georgetown takes their honorary mayor’s role very seriously!)

His official About Me page says Parker the snow dog “is committed to bringing hugs, love, and cookies to the people of Georgetown.”

And his official website reveals that Parker is one heckin’ busy mayor! He gets to mingle with various news personalities across the country and sports teams such as Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies.

Furthermore, he is passionate about spending time with Colorado’s disabled community. And is also a therapy dog that loves to stop by at the Easterseals camp at Rocky Mountain Village for a healthy serving of “love, hugs, and slobber” to the patrons.

Aside from making sure his constituents are happy and satisfied with his performance as mayor, Parker is also the official mascot of Loveland Ski Area since 2017.

According to Georgetown’s official website, Parker takes his job as Loveland Ski Area’s job very seriously.

His page on the Georgetown website read, “Parker never misses an opportunity to run and roll in the snow for his dad to photograph and post as content for Loveland’s social platforms.”

“He’s the quintessential advocate for all snow recreation and enjoyment, and he gives it his absolute all for Loveland Ski Area.”

When Parker is done preparing for the snow season at Loveland Ski Area and you decide to visit the ski area, you might be lucky enough to spot the busy canine mayor!

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