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Consider In-Home Euthanasia When the Time Comes for Your Old Dog

I can’t think of a more sad time in my life than when I’ve had to put a dog to sleep. The arguments that go on inside my head as to whether or not it’s time or if there’s anything I can do to help him live longer. Or if I do help him live longer, what’s the quality of life going to be? Inevitably the time comes when we know we have to euthanize our old buddy. And it’s heartbreaking. Now there’s a way to take some of the pain out of process.  Consider In-Home Euthanasia When The Time Comes For Your Old Dog.  Old Dog Care Guide provides insight into the benefits of this service:

“Your old dog has lived all his life in your home, and the familiar surroundings are likely to soothe him. The same can’t be said of the vet’s clinic, though. Let’s face it, every time your old pal has been to the vet it hasn’t equated to a fun time for him. You can eliminate the stress of going to the vet and keep the old dog as comfortable as is possible. He can lay on his own bed.  He can have his favorite toy next to him. You can even cook him a steak right before the vet arrives!

Putting him to sleep is often more painful and difficult for you than anyone else. Having it done at home gives you all the privacy you need. You can cry your eyes out without having to worry about the people in the waiting room or feeling the need to leave the room — and your pet — because the vet has another appointment they need the room for.

When you choose in-home euthanasia for dogs, how you say good-bye to your pet is entirely up to you. You can either stay with your pooch during the entire process or you can say good-bye beforehand and leave the vet to do his thing. You can hug and kiss your pet if you want to, and you can even let the other family members and pets (if you have any, that is) do the same.  In home euthanasia allows this to be a highly private moment for your dog and enables you to grieve with your pet’s body as long as you like.”  Read the original Old Dog Care Guide post here.

It’s a very sad and difficult time for any dog lover so anything that can make it easier is important to share. Would you consider in-home euthanasia when the time comes for your old dog?  Or have you had experience with it?  Please share your story to help others who are, or will soon be, needing to make this decision for their dog.




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