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Considerations For a Dog For Protection

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With their fierce loyalty and natural instincts to protect members of their “pack” (you and your family), selecting a dog for protection is the reasons many people own dogs. The purpose for this protection can range from protecting your home and family, to protecting a business location during the night, with all sorts of other reasons thrown in. Let’s take a look at a few things you should consider if you wish to buy a dog for protection.

Owning a dog for protection is needed in many parts of the world where crime is a major concern. Unlike security systems dogs have certain advantages such as mobility, keen sense of hearing and smell, and great ability to see plus their natural abilities to sense when someone does not belong on their turf and deter this individual without the use of deadly force.

Buying a professionally trained protection dog is going to set you back thousands of dollars. Before making the purchase ask to see other dogs this person or company have trained so you can determine if this really is what you want and more importantly need. Once you find the perfect dog trained in the manner you want you will want to have them train you to handle the dog. This is especially true if the dog is going to be living in your home with children.

If you feel you can train a dog to protect your property yourself, avoid the small breeds and the very large breeds. The small dogs just do not have the physical ability for true deterrence while the very large breeds are often clumsy, and suffer from health issues such as joint problems due to their enormous size and weight. Choose a dog from the working class group such as the German Shepherd or Doberman Pinscher. These are very intelligent canines, have great agility and endurance, are good for home defense, and take to training with a natural eagerness. Plus they scare the “you know what” out of people who mean you harm.

Good trainers will offer you a money back guarantee if the dog does not work out as you want. If they do not offer this continue searching for one who does. Quality trainers of these dogs will also want to know what the intended use for the dog is so be honest so you do not end up with a dog unsuited for your needs.

If you need a dog for protection of home and family or a business there are great dogs available. Take your time until you find the right one and let Rover take over!

Do you own a protection dog? Please leave comments below.

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  2. Avatar Of R.j.



    My family has a Protection Dog. He is a German Shepherd Dog (from Germany) and was trained by a school back East.

  3. Avatar Of Gloria Gibson

    Gloria Gibson


    *Their beds. Sorry for the typo

  4. Avatar Of Gloria Gibson

    Gloria Gibson


    Jean, it is great to protect your Fur Baby/dog, as do I. I have multiple fur babies. Yet, My Fur babies protect me also! I Breed, train, show(GSD’s, Rotti’s and Mali’s) and Love my Fur babies. Keeping Them safe and keeping You are NOT mutually exclusive. On the contrary, it is a win-win for both of you. They will protect when they feel safe, secure and loved. You will need them to protect when You don’t feel that way. They will sense it. Small, med or large, protect Momma. Btw, they sleep in the room with me every night, no crates for sleeping. There beds or mine.

  5. Avatar Of Jean Guarr

    Jean Guarr


    Disgusting. I protect my dogs. I don’t want them to protect me. I’m a small older woman but I’m not a coward.

    • Avatar Of Melissa



      It is good that you protect your dogs. I’m also a small older woman and definitely not a coward either. I also live alone in a very rural area and three years ago was faced with an incident in the wee hours of the morning where my dogs deterred intruders. The next morning there were fresh footprints discovered outside my back bedroom window where no one had been near in about three months and we had heavy rains since then. Four months later a couple of young men who were some of my geographically closest neighbors were arrested and convicted for multiple burglaries and sexual assaults. My pack is all mixed breed rescues mostly shepherd and Rottie mixes. I OWE THEM MY LIFE.

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