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Texas Cop Entered Backyard Get-Together, Shot & Killed Family Dog

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A Texas family is devastated and demanding answers after a police officer entered their fenced backyard during a family get-together, then shot and killed the family’s dog.

Lizzethe Pedregon was hosting a backyard get-together for family and friends on Friday when Missouri City, Texas police entered the fenced backyard and shot the family’s two-and-a-half year old pit bull, Chapo.

It was a noise complaint from a neighbor that prompted police to visit the Pedregon home, but Lizzethe said no one heard a knock on the door, banging on the gate, or anything done to get the family’s attention before police opened the gate and entered the yard where Chapo was playing ball with visitors.

Missouri City Police say Chapo charged the police officer, forcing him to shoot.

But witnesses say that’s not what happened. Though Pedregon had her back turned when shots were fired, guests at her home say Chapo didn’t aggressively charge at the officer, he wasn’t growling, and didn’t bark.

They may soon get those answers. The shooting is now being investigated and that includes reviewing the officer’s body camera footage to determine exactly what happened.

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  1. Avatar Of Kerry Stokes

    Kerry Stokes


    It seems that the police in the USA require intensive training, because it appears as though they are not trained at all. Not acceptable on any level.

  2. Avatar Of Sherry Wright

    Sherry Wright


    The police need to STOP killing our pets. It is WRONG! They are here to protect and serve not come and kill. Change the policy.

  3. This shot,is getting out of hand all over the world ,cause police are going to keep doing it cause they keep getting away with and its wrong ,first thing you know the will be shoring,people next ,and then cops better be ware cause people are going to start taking action on these cops all over cause they keep getting away with killing poor animals for no reson

  4. Avatar Of Evelyn Evelyn says:

    Gun happy cop shoot to kill then ask questions later. There might even be a cover up to make those stupid cops look innocent. They should be answerable in the court of law instead they are protected. So who protects us from these gun happy asshole cops????

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