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Cops Shoot Family Dog, Leave Note & Dying Dog on Porch for Owners to Find

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The Laymon family returned home from church on Sunday to find a horrific scene on their front porch. Their beloved German Shepherd, Bruno, had been shot by Rogers County police. Not only had they not sought medical attention for the dog that lay injured and bleeding on his own doorstep, police simply left a note for Bruno’s family to find when they returned.

The Note Rogers County Police Left At The Laymon Home After Shooting The Family'S Dog On Their Front Porch. Image Via Angie Laymon.
The note Rogers County police left at the Laymon home after shooting the family’s dog on their front porch. Image via Angie Laymon.

“We were investigating a crime and your dog attacked our deputy,” the note read. “The dog was shot and we need you to call us.”

Angie Laymon discovered that there had been a disturbance at a neighbor’s house and police were called to the scene.

“A deputy came over to ask some questions regarding the neighbor’s house and felt threatened by my dog. So he shot him on my porch. That was their story,” Laymon told Fox 23 News.

The Laymon’s home is more than a half mile from any neighbors, with wooded areas and a creek between one neighbor and several buildings separating their home from the building where a disturbance had allegedly occurred. Bruno was well within 100 yards of the edge of his property in all directions when he was shot.

Further, surveillance video that recorded the incident proved that Bruno did not “attack a deputy” as stated on the note left behind.

Bruno spent three hours suffering and bleeding on the porch before his family found him.

Bruno’s leg was amputated last Friday. And, although a GoFundMe campaign has been created to raise funds to pay for the extensive medical care he received and will still need moving forward, Laymon believes the police should have to pay.

Laymon says, “If Rogers County does the right thing and they reimburse Veterinary expenses then remaining funds will be set up as a Scholarship to provide life-saving funds for pets whose owners are financially unable to afford the care.”

In the meantime, veterinarians are hopeful that Bruno will survive, but he has a long and painful road to recovery ahead of him.

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  2. Avatar Of Terry



    please post a copy of the surveillance video.

  3. Avatar Of Vera Taylor

    vera taylor


    YES, of course the Police should Pay for the damage they did to the family Pet. How stupid of them to hurt an animal like that and act so cruel. Me, I’d want five minutes of that so called officers time. He wouldn’t like it I promise.

  4. Avatar Of Jeanne



    Explain to me why the deputy had to even go on the property in the first place for a disturbance call next door?
    The deputy was trespassing and showed utter disregard for the life of a pet.

    At the very least medical attention should have been sought for the injuries of the dog.

    Hopefully the cameras caught his cowardly and inhumane behavior. If it had been a law enforcement K9 who had been treated that way the offender would have been locked up and the key thrown away.

    Why do some law enforcement officers think they are above the law. The few like that make the rest look bad.

  5. Avatar Of Ashiah Rainwing

    Ashiah Rainwing


    These people need an attorney. The cop destroyed private property and was guilty of bad judgement and animal abuse for first shooting the dog and second leaving it injured to die. Restitution for the dog and prosecution for the cops crimes are vitally necessary to stop this sort of abuse of power.

  6. Avatar Of Ilona Walid ILONA WALID says:


  7. Avatar Of Frances



    If Rogers County does the right thing, they will fire the deputy that shot the dog and charge him with the highest degree of animal cruelty allowed by law.

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