Correcting Stinky Dog Breath

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Does your family dog have halitosis (bad breath) that is so nasty you shy away from snuggling with the dog? If so, be assured stinky dog breath is an all too common fact we dog owners have to either put up with or correct. And the great thing is fixing old Rover’s nasty breath is not difficult. Many excellent products are available for correcting your doggy’s foul breath and they are relatively inexpensive and can be used by the pet owner at home. No expensive trips to your vet when using these cures for a dog’s nasty breath.

Stinky dog breath

There can be many various causes for stinky dog breath so why don’t we go over a few of them. If you dog is not showing any signs of problems or mouth pain, first try brushing his teeth with a doggie toothpaste. When brushing your dog’s teeth look for any pieces of bone or other foreign matter stuck between the teeth as this can not only be an irritating and painful issue for the dog, but will result in the stinky dog breath we are seeking to eliminate. If you see anything like this during the inspection gently remove it.

Warning: do NOT use human toothpaste under any circumstances. “Why” is explained in an article on VCAHospitals.com:

Use enzymatic toothpaste that is designed for use in dogs and cats. Do not use human toothpaste. Many human toothpastes and other oral hygiene products contain xylitol, a sugar substitute that is safe for use in humans but highly toxic to dogs….

Even if the brand you personally use does not contain xylitol, there still are numerous other ingredients that can upset the dog’s system, and cause stomach upset and/or diarrhea.

If brushing doesn’t help, there are other possible causes. Most common among these would be your dog has bad or rotting teeth along with a gum disease. If you don’t see any signs of this, but suspect this is the case, a quick call to your vet for information about the best products to purchase for dealing with this is in order. Your vet is normally going to recommend special toothpaste for brushing the dog’s teeth along with a good oral spray you can use to relieve any tooth and gum problems. This spray smells nice, your dog will enjoy the taste and this might solve the problem when used regularly. If you do see rotted teeth or obvious gum problems, get the dog to the vet. Some dental work might be required.

Other causes for foul smelling dog breath might indicate the dog has a more serious health issue. These can include a possible lung disease, severe kidney problems, and tumors of the mouth. These possibilities will dictate you take your dog to the vet as soon as possible for more specialized care and treatments. A couple other causes of foul dog breath can include an abscessed tooth or teeth, an oral ulceration, as well as your dog has eaten something he or she found while outside that is better left unmentioned here!

Look for these specific things for a tip-off your dog has more than just the normal causes of bad breath. They are having trouble eating their food, bloody discharges from the mouth, obvious pain in the mouth area, depression, and difficulty swallowing.

Dealing with stinky dog breath can be accomplished with proper diagnosis of the cause and proper treatments so remember you and your dog do not have to live with this problem as help is easily available.

Does your pooch have nasty breath? Comments are welcome below.

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    Any pet supply store will have pet toothpaste. You can use either a soft toothbrush or rubber finger brush. There is also a tartar control liquid to squirt in the mouth that will help.

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    where do i get doggie tooth paste?my dog has a collection of hair and other matters in the left side of his bottom teeth.his smell goes accross the room. Don w

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