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Creating Art with Your Dog

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Have you ever thought about Creating Art with Your Dog? Maybe you’ve heard of the famous (some say infamous) monkey, J. Fred Muggs, who co-starred in the first few years of The Today Show? There was a lot of scientific interest in monkeys at the time due to Darwin’s theories catching on, and Muggs created several paintings. Instead of just creating paintings, there’s several routes you can take to Creating Art with Your Dog, according to an article by Karen Biehl in the Examiner.com.

Co-creating with your canine is a fun way to express your creative impulses and turn them into works of art. Who better inspires us to be our best self than our best friend? Here are some ideas to bring out the inner artist of you and your pup.

Create videos. Take photos and videos of your dogs and set it to music. The innate cuteness of dogs inspire us all to take photos, and you need not be William Wegman to get adorable photos of them. Most cameras and many phones these days have video cameras, and many computers include software for creating and editing videos. By creating videos starring your dog, he can be the spokes dog for your ideas and creative vision.

We may not all be artists, but every dog can be one with the help of Pup-Casso Art Kits, a clean and safe way to create paintings with your pup’s paws.

Design. Aspiring designers can sign up to take dog clothes design classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Several classes are being offered in the next few months. You can check out FIT’s class descriptions and schedule on their site.

Mutts and music. More and more musicians are becoming inspired to compose by their dogs. Composer and classical conductor Steven Mercurio recently recorded his symphony “A Grateful Tail”, inspired by dogs, and musician Murray Weinstock created his CD “Tails of the City”, dedicated to seeing the world from a dog’s perspective. Turn your dog’s personality – and even barks – into music….

Most of us have probably heard the dogs barking Jingle Bells during the Christmas music season. A couple of years back a friend had that recording on their laptop, and played it for us and our 2 dogs just to watch their reaction. It was hilarious! They kept looking at the laptop and cocking their heads, then would look at us laughing with the funniest expressions on their faces. I can’t help but wonder how much money that music made for the creator? So maybe you can become famous and make some money if you try Creating Art with Your Dog.

Read the complete story here. Have you ever tried Creating Art with Your Dog? If so, please share it below.

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    Thanks for reposting the article. I look forward to seeing people’s responses!

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      You’re welcome, Ms Biehl. Your article was a well-written and interesting look at dogs and lifestyles.

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