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Curse You Westminster!

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Once again, I have to report I did not take best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club show.

Honors went to Banana Joe.

Now I have nothing against Banana Joe.

I even like Bananas.

But I’m not a pure-bred so I can’t compete.

I’m just a dog dog, mixed-breed, mutt.

And there’s no category for us.

Just: Best Dog Not Allowed To Compete Award.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE watching the show.

But I’d love it even more if I could play.

I’d promise not to pee in Madison Square Garden.

Well at least not in public.

Well at least not if I didn’t have to.

Thinking of it, I have to go right now.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Rosi Hoyer

    Rosi Hoyer


    I agree, Banana Joe is a cute dog probably 100% in all categories for a small dog… although I do believe it is a step above last year from the “couch pillow with legs” Pekingese. I am hoping for a WIN in the near future of a large breed dog. My personal preference is the Irish Wolfhound of which I own 2. Or the Puli, Commodore, Great Dane, Bull Mastiff, even the popular English Sheepdog… there has not been a large breed best in show for, like, ever, if it all! Labrador, medium size, German Shepherd not large breed by our standards. How do we get a gentle giant as best in breed… I am doing my part… 🙂

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