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Delaware Lawmakers Pass Groundbreaking Bill to Allow Titer Test in Lieu of Rabies Vaccine

Lawmakers in Delaware stepped up to help pets in a way that’s never been done in any state in the country. Once signed by the Governor, Maggie’s Pet Vaccine Protection Act could save the lives of countless pets moving forward.

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Maggie’s Vaccine Protection Act, formally known as House Bill 214, unanimously passed in both the Delaware House and Senate, leaving just Gov. John Carney’s signature the last step in making it official. Once signed, veterinarians and pet owners will have the ability to exempt a pet from legally required rabies vaccine if the animal is sick, disabled, injured, or if other medical considerations exist which make vaccination a risk to the animal’s health and life. Instead of a vaccination, a Titer test, which measures a pet’s antibodies to combat rabies, can be used.

Delaware businessman and pet owner Al Casapulla initiated the bill after losing his beloved Shih Tzu, Maggie, to over-vaccination when state law required she be vaccinated, regardless of whether it was safe.

“I have been working on this bill since she died… I am extremely excited and very emotional,” Casapulla told the Coastal Point after learning the act had passed. “My passion to see this through was more than the passion I had when I started my business, because I knew if this gets passed we would be saving the lives of so many innocent animals and allowing vets to use their discretion on making legal, educated exemptions.”

“Maggie will be saving lives long after I am gone,” he said in an emotional Facebook post.

Governor Carney is expected to sign the bill in May.

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