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Delaware Lawmakers Pass Groundbreaking Bill to Allow Titer Test in Lieu of Rabies Vaccine

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Lawmakers in Delaware stepped up to help pets in a way that’s never been done in any state in the country. Once signed by the Governor, Maggie’s Pet Vaccine Protection Act could save the lives of countless pets moving forward.

Rabies Vaccine

Maggie’s Vaccine Protection Act, formally known as House Bill 214, unanimously passed in both the Delaware House and Senate, leaving just Gov. John Carney’s signature the last step in making it official. Once signed, veterinarians and pet owners will have the ability to exempt a pet from legally required rabies vaccine if the animal is sick, disabled, injured, or if other medical considerations exist which make vaccination a risk to the animal’s health and life. Instead of a vaccination, a Titer test, which measures a pet’s antibodies to combat rabies, can be used.

Delaware businessman and pet owner Al Casapulla initiated the bill after losing his beloved Shih Tzu, Maggie, to over-vaccination when state law required she be vaccinated, regardless of whether it was safe.

“I have been working on this bill since she died… I am extremely excited and very emotional,” Casapulla told the Coastal Point after learning the act had passed. “My passion to see this through was more than the passion I had when I started my business, because I knew if this gets passed we would be saving the lives of so many innocent animals and allowing vets to use their discretion on making legal, educated exemptions.”

“Maggie will be saving lives long after I am gone,” he said in an emotional Facebook post.

Governor Carney is expected to sign the bill in May.

Would you support the same bill in your own state? Weigh in with a comment below!

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  1. Avatar Of Chris



    100% How can I get this started in Missouri?

  2. Avatar Of Heidi



    Absolutely would support it! Bravo to this man and devasting about Maggie

  3. Avatar Of Reus Chaya Hersh

    Reus Chaya Hersh


    Yes, I would support this kind of bill. My dog in 7 yo. His chances of contracting rabies is extremely low.

  4. Avatar Of June De Pasquale

    June De Pasquale


    Absolutely! I would love to see it passed in Pennsylvania!

  5. Avatar Of Msmoneypenny



    This needs to be passed in EVERY state.

  6. Avatar Of Danette Gouras

    Danette Gouras



  7. Avatar Of Staci



    Yes 100% in Illinois. I have a dog who developed autoimmune thyroiditis because of a vaccine. Never again will I vaccinate beyond puppyhood. Instead titer!

  8. Avatar Of Normajean



    Yes from Nevada. We would support a bill such as this

    • Avatar Of Brenda L Mills

      brenda l mills


      YES…………..when i rescued my Rhodesian Ridgeback , his immune system was wrecked……he was sick…..i get his rabies vax every year, but the rabies vax was made for the life of the dog….when i was a younger person, your dog got a rabies shot when you got the pup…..then, only saw the vet when/if it was sick or hurt…

  9. Avatar Of Rachel



    Yes I do support tittering an animal for any vaccinations. I hope Connecticut lawmakers see this and follow!!

  10. Avatar Of Donna Nuger

    Donna Nuger


    We titer our dogs for the other vaccines and strongly support doing a titer for rabies too. We aren’t being cheap, we are prudent. A titer is not cheaper, but it is better. Illinois, please join Delaware and allow for a titer rather than requiring a vaccination.

  11. Avatar Of Dog Owner

    Dog Owner


    YES!!!! Utah, and all 50 states need this!

  12. Avatar Of Cecelia Lampley

    Cecelia Lampley


    Yes I would support a similar bill in Nevada.

  13. Avatar Of Christine



    I will definitely support this bill in Michigan for dogs and all other animals that this applies to.

  14. Avatar Of Sue Kelton Sue Kelton says:

    I would support this bill in Illinois to get Titers passed for the best of care an welness for our pets,

  15. Avatar Of Mike Fiekds

    Mike Fiekds


    Sorry but you have all been misled by faulty reporting. Delaware just became the 19th state to offer a medical exemption in lieu of a rabies vaccine for ill and sick animals. A vet has the option of using a titer test to help with their decision but it is not required for a medical exemption. And in fact most medical exemptions are done without titer testing. Medical exemptions are generally difficult to get. Read more here:

  16. Avatar Of M. Hoover

    M. Hoover


    Titters instead of over vaccinating. Common sense. For humans as well. We risk our pets lifes to follow the law. How wrong it this?

  17. Avatar Of Mary



    Yes I would absolutely support similar legislation. I would also recommend a national database, so that when a pet has been vaccinated in one state and rehomed/adopted in another state (especially when the pet’s owner can substantiate and provide a valid rabies certificate as proof/evidence of the vaccination), so that vets would not be required to re-vaccinate in order for the pet to be licensed in the new home state.

    • Avatar Of Raina




      If the animal comes with a rabies certificate, they don’t have to be vaccinated until such time as the vaccine is due again.

      If rescue dogs are being repeatedly vaccinated prior to the next set being due, I would question if a rescue or rescues are following interstate animal transport laws, which fairly universally dictate that any animal over six months of age be vaccinated AND proof is with the animal in transit for sale. Most states also dictate the certificate of vaccination MUST be transferred with the animal.

      If rescues in your area are routinely vaccinating dogs imported from another state, they’re unethical and not following laws.

    • Avatar Of Robin



      I would wholeheartedly support legislation in Illinois for a rabies titer for our dogs.
      You’ve made an excellent additional suggestion for similar nationwide legislation that I would also support.

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  19. Avatar Of Marcia



    I absolutely would support this in NC. Positive tigers should be exempt period!

  20. Avatar Of Lisa



    I would definitely support a bill in NY. My dogs get titers on all vaccines and I’m against over vaccinating my dogs. I had a titer test on my dogs rabies to see how much of the vaccine was in they’re system and they didn’t need another rabies vaccination. The law is every three years for rabies vaccines and my town would not except a titer test.

    • Avatar Of Sheila



      I am in NY as well. Would your town accept the NYS Medical Exemption form signed by a veterinarian? Mine did. My dog was also titered.

  21. Avatar Of Jeanne



    A big yes for Tennessee! We would love for this type of Bill to relieve us from this extreme burden. It’s ridiculous!

  22. Avatar Of Denise



    I would love to see this bill set in Mi. It should be a federal bill. I have lost a couple dogs due to over vaccination. These shots 100% shorten our pets lives.

  23. Avatar Of Party



    I absolutely Would love for this to bill to be passed in my starte of NY. This would save so many pets lives!!

  24. Avatar Of Nancy Nancy says:

    Having a dog that has had an adverse reaction to the Rabies vaccine bth immune system compromise and behavioral I would be very highly motivated to get this passed in our state. After seeing many pets over vaccinated and having medical problems for life this is the first step in finding compromise to the problems that exist in today’s society.
    Before everyone jumps down my throat about we wouldn’t have eradicated measles, polio etc I am not against vaccinations just the over use of them.

  25. Avatar Of Bonnie Schipp

    Bonnie Schipp


    I would absolutely love to see this happening in Minnesota!

    I had a Cairn Terrier with IBD/PLE that was stabilized using prednisolone and prescription food and seen several times per year by our Veterinarian. She was very overdue for her Rabies vaccination and after being stabilized for over 1&1/2 years with her immune system being suppressed by Budesonide. I had her vaccinated for Rabies, within 2 weeks she developed seizures and after months of trying to control them, I finally let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. I think if this was an option in MN she would still be here today.
    I also had an 8 yr old Yorkie/Pom who had an enlarged heart being treated by a local PetSmart. He had medicine to help get the water around his heart removed. He was given his vaccinations, went into a code blue at the clinic and died that night.

  26. Avatar Of R Beck

    R Beck


    Yes! this bill should be passed in KY and IN! Long over due.

  27. Avatar Of Heidi



    Yes 100% percent!!!!

  28. Avatar Of Cecelia



    Thank you Mr Casapulla! I have sadly been a shoulder to cry on with many friends who had lost thier old pet soon after receiving their vaccinations.An older pets body cannot handle the vaccinations, and is too much on the organs. After I realized what was happening, I spread the word that if your pet is older, do not vaccinate.if your pet is sick , do not vaccinate.whatni don’t understand is vets should know this but still do it. I thought vets are suppose to care about animals!!

  29. Avatar Of Kristine L Keating



    I would support this same bill in Georgia. I have several dogs and not only is it expensive, but I have two over 10 year old small dogs that only go outside for a minimal amount of time to do their business and in a fenced yard. 0% chance they will contact any wildlife.

  30. Avatar Of Sherry



    My heart goes out to you, Mr Casapulla.
    Thank you so much for pursuing this legislation in Delaware in memory of your beloved Maggie and in the interest of our animal companions and the people who love them throughout our country.
    Yes, please, Governor Dunleavy (Alaska)!
    Sherry Grenier

  31. Avatar Of Donna L

    Donna L


    So what?! Over vaccinating is incredibly harmful. I have NO issue paying a $100 to keep my animal healthy.

  32. Avatar Of Katie W

    Katie W


    We need this in GA! I have a service dog and have to have him legally vaccinated, regardless of how ill it makes him. His other shots are covered under Titer, it is time the rabies is too!

  33. Avatar Of Connie Sims

    Connie Sims


    I live in Northern Kentucky and would love to see our state accept a rabies titer instead of a Rabies vaccine. I have been wondering how to go about getting this done. I just started doing titers recently. I have a doberman that hasn’t had a parvo/distemper vaccine in 7.5 years and her titer show she still has protection.

  34. Avatar Of Madilyn



    Yes. Finally I have been in support of such a bill for many years. Each time I bring it up to the various vets I have had for my dogs the issues falls on deaf ears. I have gone to diiferent vets in search of one who shares my concerns. We need to expand this issue to include all our pets not only the sick, or disabled. We humans do not get our core vaccines every year nor should our pets. Titers tell about their immunity.

  35. Avatar Of Billie



    Yes I would support this bill in Ohio.

  36. Avatar Of Jackie Phillips

    Jackie Phillips


    Never in California. Too progressive and much bigger than tiny and isolated Delaware.

    Also, only for sick or injured or life threatening illness. Pretty small group

    • Avatar Of Tanya



      Huh? I know of a lot of people and vets in CA that would support.

    • Avatar Of Erin



      Im in CA, had my healthy dog titered and stood firm with my county. They agreed to accept his titer with the agreement that I would titer/license him annually instead of every 3 years. It can be done. People just have to stand up and stand firm!

  37. How does Texas feel about it?

    • Avatar Of Ute Luppertz

      Ute Luppertz


      I wish that we would have this law in Oregon!!!
      Over vaccinations are a big problem.
      Rabies is dangerous in particular.

    • Avatar Of Sandi Brangan

      Sandi Brangan


      It would be wonderful to make this a standard in Texas. I don’t think enough people realize that all dogs, whether a 5 lb small dog or a great Dane receive the same shot and in the same amount. It makes no sense. Yes, to the titer test!

  38. Avatar Of Ja Williams Ja Williams says:

    I want this bill passed everywhere. I do not believe in over vaccinating our dogs!

    • Avatar Of Carol Vanzile

      Carol VanZile


      I agree…cats too. Ours only ever leave the house to go to the Vet for VACCINATIONS !
      Our horses are required to have tests and vaccines before leaving the farm and they never go anywhere nor do other horses come here
      I think all these animals are vaccinated far too often for diseases they’ll never have.

    • Avatar Of Sherry



      This bill should be passed in every State. Over vaccinating is a real problem.

    • Avatar Of Lorraine Finn

      Lorraine Finn


      Ilorra agre

  39. Avatar Of Celeste Carvalho

    Celeste Carvalho


    Over vaccination is a real problem. People should not be challenged for not vaccinating children or animals!

  40. Avatar Of Julia Franz

    Julia Franz


    It is about time this was adopted somewhere. The ignorance surrounding the safety and effectiveness of vaccines is astounding. I hope other states follow suit and that it is also considered in vaccine mandates for people as well.

    • Avatar Of Deb



      Vaccines are not safe or effective…for people,or animals! I stand for vaccine choice!

      • Avatar Of Jessica



        You are Insane. Children Must be vaccinated! People like you are the reason diseases like measles are coming back. Children Died from diseases we no long see! Until you hold your child choking to death with diphtheria or watched your child have a seizure from measles you will not understand what parents used to go through to secure vaccine. Freaking loons

    • Avatar Of Jessica



      You are Insane. Children Must be vaccinated! People like you are the reason diseases like measles are coming back. Children Died from diseases we no long see! Until you hold your child choking to death with diphtheria or watched your child have a seizure from measles you will not understand what parents used to go through to secure vaccine. Freaking loons

  41. Avatar Of Kathy



    Absolutely I would support this law! I no longer give my Maggie(also a shihtzu 6lbs) vaccines.She had a rough time with them and didn’t tolerate the benadryl very well that the Vet had me give her before and after. Doses are also too high and not size adjusted. This is just Wrong!!!

    • Avatar Of Nana Yasko

      Nana Yasko


      I agree. The future Bill’s should include opt outside for people who are sick and allow tigers to be taken for animal as ls rather than automatic vacc.
      A rabies vaccine given to a human can have a strong titer up to 10 years later depending on the person.
      Also a huge draft horse gets a 2cc dose of Rabies vacc and a miniature horse weighing 200# would get the same dose.
      A huge dog gets a 1 cc dose. And a 16 week old 4 # puppy gets the same dose.

  42. Avatar Of Jacque Setmayer

    Jacque setmayer


    Should be a law in the entire country

  43. Avatar Of Cindi



    Yes. Would like to see a law that covers every state to protect our pets. Far too long pets have subject to these vaccinations. Just another money maker for pharmaceutical companies at the expense of our pets.

    • Avatar Of Joel Haan

      Joel Haan


      I would love to see this as a priority in Michigan needs to be done here.

    • Avatar Of Sharon



      Wow! We take our beloved pets more seriously than our beloved children? My daughter suffered severe side effects from vaccinations. It’s been a struggle for about 16 years. She is 21 and has finally overcome but at a great cost! I am not against vaccines totally but I am against wrapping multiple shots into one. YES I love my pets but I love my children more!

  44. Avatar Of Mary Ann Suto

    Mary Ann Suto


    Didn’t l didn’t know about the Titer Test. If it saves lives- I’m for it. I wouldn’t want my dog to go thru what Maggie went thru. Hope gov.signs the bill. And, TY to all that worked on this.

  45. Avatar Of Gwen Clark

    Gwen Clark


    Absolutely! We need this passed in Washington state.

  46. Avatar Of Mariya Dolgopolova

    Mariya Dolgopolova


    We need this in Virginia! No animal should be vaccinated if they already demonstrate immunity. No additional protection is gained but animals suffer.

    • Avatar Of Nedra Meloni

      Nedra Meloni


      I’m working on it!!!! Just sent a letter to a senator’s office! Do you want to help me?

  47. Avatar Of Joan Bonge

    Joan Bonge


    Would love to see this passed in Michigan. Would definitely support bill that allows owner to request titer for rabies in lieu of mandatory shot requirement.

  48. Avatar Of Sandra M Sullivan

    Sandra M Sullivan


    This is very significant step. Congratualtions to Delaware. I hope it goes national.

  49. Avatar Of Karen



    I definitely would support Titers instead of rabies vaccine in Arizona. How do we make this happen in every state?

  50. Avatar Of Judy



    This should be done for all vaccines

  51. Avatar Of Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Please do New Jersey

  52. Avatar Of Sc



    Absolutely! I only do titers on my 12yr. old Golden. Hopefully soon all states will enact using titers instead of rabies whether animals are sick or not. There is no reason we should be over vaccinating our pets.

  53. Avatar Of Paula



    How can I get this implemented in my state

  54. Avatar Of Dave Martin

    Dave Martin


    Our 12 lb. Norwich Terrier has had violent reactions the last two rabies vaccine. Very lethargic for several hours within minutes of receiving the vaccine. He is due again in two years. We will risk legal action versus giving it to him again. We live in Pennsylvania and he is 8 years old.

    • Avatar Of Mary Ann Pros

      Mary Ann Pros


      Dave – Find a veterinarian who uses homeopathy (most likely a holistic vet). There is homeopathy to hel detox after the vaccination. I have used HomeoPet Liver Rescue – formerly Cleanz-Detox, before I found a vet that administered a detox along with the immunization It is very affordable and a wonderful company with great customer service (question answering).

    • Avatar Of I Know Someone Who’s Dog Almost Died From The Rabies And She Was Able To Opt Out And Still Be Able To Purchase Her Dog License. Call Your Local Animal Shelter Whoever Gives Out The Dog License And Talk To Your Vet About It Also.

      I know someone who’s dog almost died from the rabies and she was able to opt out and still be able to purchase her dog license. Call your local animal shelter whoever gives out the dog license and talk to your vet about it also.


      I know someone who’s dog almost died from the rabies and she was able to opt out and still be able to purchase her dog license. Call your local animal shelter whoever gives out the dog license and talk to your vet about it also.

  55. Avatar Of Vickie S.

    Vickie S.


    Thank you! I hope to see this in every state!

  56. Avatar Of Roy Burks

    Roy Burks


    Yes, I think we may be over medicating our animals just like many of us are over medicated.

  57. Avatar Of Betsy



    Yes I support this bill. Having had dogs that had compromised immune systems and then having a mandated Rabies vaccine has had ne consider testing my luck with the local authorities. It shouldn’t be that way. I hope the law makers can look at science and not just believe what “Big Pharm” says. But we all know that money talks. Poor dogs pay the price.

  58. Avatar Of Andrea



    Absolutrly . Some countries require not a rabies shot but rather a titer in order to bring your dog or cat to live with you

  59. Avatar Of Lori




  60. Avatar Of Adrienne Maddox

    Adrienne Maddox


    Yes, I support this cause!

  61. Avatar Of Natalie Gahres

    Natalie Gahres


    Yes!! Will support this much needed change to law.

  62. Avatar Of Patty Mcclain Evans

    patty mcclain evans


    yes. my kitty had a sudden stroke. she kniped my hand as i soothed her in pain. instead of treating her stroke, her head was cut off to be tested for rabies, after she was put to sleep. she was up to date on ALL shots

    • Avatar Of Sharon Gray

      Sharon Gray


      What do ;you mean her head was cut off? actually cut off..thats cruel and barbaric,,, I would never have let that happen to any animal of mine,,,,my god….

  63. Avatar Of Marilyn Batey

    Marilyn Batey


    I would absolutely support this. As long as we have the ability to check titers, there is no reason to over vaccinate pets!

  64. Avatar Of Laurel



    Be cause Hawaii is rabies free, will this help to stop the long and harmful quarantine of animals coming from mainland U.S.?

  65. Avatar Of Karen Wilkie Karen Wilkie says:

    I would certainly support a similar bill in the State of Texas! I haven’t had a pet die from a rabies shot but the health of the animal should be considered before the shot is given.

    • Avatar Of Lindsey



      I absolutely would support the same bill to allow titers to be done in place of rabies vaccine in WI and all states. I would love to see this done for all vaccines.

  66. Avatar Of Sue



    This bill should have been for all states. I understand that our Veterinarians must follow the law of each state. We have pets that are so over vaccinated that it is pathetic. Granted, we have trusted them because they are the ones educated in regard to our pets vaccinations. Our Veterinarians are very intelligent people or they would not have been able to pass their boards. So, they must see and understand the harm that over vaccinating is causing. THIS MUST BE STOPPED. Also, if this vaccination is needed it should be the correct dose for the size of the dog. I do not want my 12 pound dog getting enough vaccine that would be sufficient for a 100 pound dog. It does not take a genius to figure out the correct dosage. IT IS TIME FOR OUR LEGISLATORS TO PASS A BILL THAT WOULD PROTECT OUR PETS AND THEIRS. I believe this can be accomplished with support from our trusted Vets.

    • Avatar Of S. Granger

      S. Granger


      Another Sue who supports this law. My two dogs ages 12 and 7 at 24 pounds each are titered for rabies (and parvo/distemper). The titer expires in 3 years when I will do it again. My groomer accepts titers. My vet drew and prepared the sample at no charge during annual wellness exam. Sent through PROTECTTHEPETS.COM very easy and low cost.

    • Avatar Of Deirdre



      I soooo agree! My 4 pound Yorkie was brought in as an emergency, having a bone stuck in his esophagus
      He was 17 years old at the time. The vet and staff worked on little Shamus for 3 hours and saved his life! When I went to take him home they insisted that he get a rabies shot. It’s the law in NC. He has not had shots for many years and I knew a rabies shot at this stage in his life and after undergoing 3 hours of life saving procedures, would kill him. I said absolutly NOT! I said that it would kill him. I know that they agreed and they found a waiver sheet that I gladly signed.

  67. Avatar Of Sherry



    California needs to so this as well. My beloved Tiffany died from Lymphoma….due to over-vaccinating. If humans don’t need annual or every three year vaccinations, why should our pets?

  68. Avatar Of Keli



    Yes. And for other vaccinations too. We need to get a grip with the ability to do titers instead of over vaccing dogs.

  69. Avatar Of Teresa Wood

    Teresa Wood


    Our 7 year old cattle dog mix had a nearly fatal reaction from her vaccine. No, I did not take her back to the vet where she would of received benadril and something else. I was wise enough to take her to a friend of mine thsat understands over vaccination. We determined that the preservative was the culprit. I did call around to other vets They called it a dirty vaccine and were very aware of it! I treated our dog with homopathic drops. Fortunately she pulled out of it but not after she had stopped eating, lost hair, joints got stiff and her heart nearly stopped. I was able to get a letter from our vet to present to the county so we could get a dog license. (Penalty was steep to not have one ).

  70. Avatar Of Lois Jackson

    Lois Jackson


    I would whole heartedly support this bill!
    Thank you!
    Southern Illinois

  71. Avatar Of Kelly Wyman

    Kelly Wyman


    Yes. Please share the information you supplied to the state for persuasion.

  72. Avatar Of Jennie Adams

    Jennie Adams


    Yes, I will support a bill like this in Florida!

  73. Avatar Of Cindy Ford

    Cindy Ford


    I have been asking for this for years now in both horses and dogs!! I am in Florida!!

  74. Avatar Of Christina




  75. Avatar Of Michele Kirk

    Michele kirk


    Yes. What are the steps to propose this legislation in NJ?

  76. Avatar Of Cynthia Sperbeck

    Cynthia Sperbeck


    Yes, we need Kentucky to do this. We do titers for our dogs and they always have had more than enough antibodies but our state makes you do the rabies. It makes no sense. If they have the antibodies than they don’t need the vaccination. Plain and simple. What uneducated person created this law? Veterinarians should push for this because they know over vaccinating is not in the best interest of the animal’s health. All states should conform.

    • Avatar Of Ph



      Vets are probably not going to push for this legislation as annual vaccinations are money makers for their clinics. Pet owners will have to drive this change and IMHO we need to push for titers in lieu of vaccination regardless of the health of the animal. Only a very small percentage will qualify for titers only if it is based on medical exemptions.

  77. Avatar Of Romanie Baines

    Romanie Baines


    I would definitely suport a law like this in New York State, and for that matter any all States. I believe it’s criminal thar all dogs must have a Rabies vaccination repeated regardless of their age or health.

  78. Avatar Of Allynn



    Yes. Definitely in Virginia.

  79. Avatar Of Tina Dugger

    Tina Dugger


    This is awesome!!!.. Would love something like this in Tennessee!!

  80. Avatar Of Lori Kolbye

    Lori Kolbye


    Absolutely. This is needed in all 50! States!

  81. Avatar Of Annette



    Yes!! Titers are acceptable proof for humans. Animals have been over vaccinated for a long time. It’s not safe and it’s expensive !

  82. Avatar Of Shirley



    Absolutely yes! We over vaccinate our pets because of laws. Let our vets, who have many years of school, make the best decision.

  83. Avatar Of Michelle



    Yes I would vote for this!

  84. Avatar Of A Vetmed Student

    A VetMed Student


    A titer test is $100-200. A rabies vaccine is maybe $30? And if your animal has a negative or low titer, you will need to pay for both the vaccine and the titer.

    • Avatar Of Ph



      Spoken like a true vet…vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, regardless of how it effects the health of our pets. For some of us, doing right by our pets is much more important than money. You are the epitomy of the kind of vets I avoid. Please, if you are still in school do our pets a favor and choose a different profession.

    • Avatar Of Donna L

      Donna L


      So what?! Over vaccinating is incredibly harmful. I have NO issue paying a $100 to keep my animal healthy.

  85. Avatar Of Paul



    I would absolutely endorse this law. It’s high time we quit over vaccinating our pets because of outdated vaccine laws.

  86. Avatar Of Barbara Richards

    Barbara Richards


    Absolutely! I’ve been battling with this not only with vets but with boarding kennels who INSIST that you have required vaccinations and they refuse titers. I won’t take trips because I can’t do this to my furry little family members. I won’t compromise their health.

  87. Avatar Of Sharon Dewitt

    Sharon DeWitt


    Absolutely! Come on Florida, seniors depend on their pets for many reasons, and so do the other pet owners in our state. Let’s ne proactive and follow their lead with a similar bill in our state!

  88. Avatar Of Tara



    Halleluyah!! But it’s only becuz they can charge more money for titer testing!

  89. Avatar Of Carol



    Yes! Minnesota and all states need this law. It is way past due.

  90. Avatar Of Roxanne



    Would absolutely support such a bill — everywhere !!!!

  91. Avatar Of Kathy Rhodes

    Kathy Rhodes


    I support this and call on my state of Tennessee to do likewise.

  92. Avatar Of Robert V Sumner

    Robert V Sumner


    This should be the law in every state…it has been long overdue..

  93. Avatar Of Vicki



    Hope Montana follows in your steps. For pets and horses.

  94. Avatar Of Holly Jurczak

    Holly Jurczak


    YES on titer for rabies vaccination! I want Michigan to get on this too!

  95. Avatar Of Lynne



    I would be 100% behind Maggie’s Law were it to be introduced here in Florida!

  96. Avatar Of Sharon Gretsinger

    Sharon Gretsinger


    Absolutely would support this bill.! Have lost 2 dogs as a result of required rabies vaccine. Have spent thousands keeping another one alive after reacting to the vaccine. I’m NOT an antivaxer, I believe in protecting our pets but what we are requiring are pets to have is ludicrous.

  97. Avatar Of Bonnie E Kramer

    Bonnie E Kramer


    I would definately support a bill such as Maggie’s Vaccine Protection Act. All states need to do this to protect our sweet pets. They deserve to be given this consideration.

  98. Avatar Of Carol Hall

    carol hall


    YAY for Delaware now come on states let’s follow let’s stop killing our pets

  99. Avatar Of Taylor



    YES!!!!! NC needs this one ASAP as well!!!!!

  100. Avatar Of Sidney Hardie

    Sidney Hardie


    I hope this spreads across the United States. I have a 12 year old dog with cancer due for her rabies vaccination this year. I hate the thought of breaking the law, but I will not subject her to another rabies vaccination.

  101. Avatar Of Shelly Brandon

    Shelly Brandon


    I would certainly support this bill in the state of OKLAHOMA !

  102. Avatar Of Celeste Champagne

    Celeste Champagne


    I will hope that this bill will be passed throughout all the states and be made a universal law.

  103. Avatar Of Kim



    California needs to pass a similar bill. We can titer for parvovirus and distemper, but not rabies. Over vaccination is one of the reasons so many of our pets have such a high rate of cancer.

  104. Avatar Of Cindy Hamilton

    Cindy Hamilton


    We need this in Ct!

  105. Avatar Of Becky



    This needs to be implemented in EVERY state.

  106. Avatar Of Happy Babbish Dvm

    Happy Babbish DVM


    In my research the Rabies vaccine is one of the most dangerous and potentially lethal vaccines we give to pets and Veterinarians are forced to give it way too often. It also is a huge contributor to hypothyroidism which runs rampant in the canine population. ALL Veterinarians take a “I WILL DO NO HARM OATH” upon graduation. So why did it take a Delaware businessman whose beloved pet died after a Rabies Vaccine to Push this Bill instead of a Veterinarian policing our own profession! Maggie’s Bill is really just plain old good medicine! Thank you Al Casapulla for fighting the fight and thank you Delaware House and Senate for passing Maggie’s Bill! My dream is that this Bill will permeate to EVERY STATE. Maggie’s death truly will save many lives! I am so sorry for your loss. My own beloved Susannah dog died secondary to vaccines that I personally administered to her. It changed my career path and I am now a Holistic Veterinarian thanks to Susannah’s HUGE sacrifice.

  107. Avatar Of Stacy Brown Stacy Brown says:

    I would absolutely support this bill if it came to Michigan!

  108. Avatar Of Sandy Thompson

    Sandy Thompson


    This is awesome. Makes me want to move to Delaware. Hope the rest of the states take notice!

  109. Avatar Of Ann Gibboney

    Ann Gibboney


    I totaly support this. Over vaccination has to be stopped. Our dogs should be living longer and healthier lives. Pet owners do your research on vaccines.

  110. Avatar Of Catherine Crago

    Catherine Crago


    Yes I would definitely support. I had 9 dogs a year ago. I lost 2 to cancer, that they developed within weeks of annual exam and rabies shots a year ago. After this years exam and 3 year rabies for different dogs, 2 more were fine at exam and developed lymphoma in less than a month. 1 started with a tumor at the vaccine site.

  111. Avatar Of Dawn Crockett

    Dawn Crockett


    Yes!!! I would welcome & support this bill in my state of PA

  112. Avatar Of Vickie



    We need this law in Maryland

  113. Avatar Of Martin S Oldford

    martin s oldford


    Sounds like a good bill if it saves dogs lives. Maybe it should be Nationwide.

  114. Avatar Of David Conti David Conti says:

    Has adequate research been done to equate titers with Rabies protection? And what was done to prove that over-immunization was the cause of the dog’s death. But, to be clear, I do believe we have been immunizing excessively for many viral diseases.
    D M Conti DVM

  115. Avatar Of Nandee Ann Willets

    Nandee Ann Willets


    PLEASE help our dogs,cats and horses in Massachusetts
    Thank you for your great work

  116. Avatar Of Ann Chase ann chase says:

    This is a landmark and something that Dr. Dodds has championed through the Rabies Challenge Fund for many years. We need every dog owner to support this in their individual states as much as possible. Rabies has long been the cause of thousands of pets lives, very needlessly.

    Ann Chase
    Honor Service Dogs, Inc.

  117. Avatar Of Cathy Shelton

    Cathy Shelton


    I would Support it in TN

  118. Avatar Of Carol Harten

    Carol harten


    My Yorkie was very sick from over vaccination. I spent thousands of dollars trying to find out what happened. I took her to a dermatologist vet who was able to identify vasculitis caused by over vaccination. Three years later I got the titer test and it was found she is 6x’s over what is normal for rabies vaccines. I would definitely support this bill as I almost lost her and still have to Face the residual affects of what happened. I believe this bill will save many owners from the heartache Al had to face. My Izzie was lucky however not all pets are.

  119. Avatar Of Bill Welton

    Bill welton


    I certainly would. The rabies vaccine causes cancer and many other problems in pets. That is part of the reason their life spans have been cut in half. Over vaccinations period. When i was a kid my dogs lived to be 14 -19 years old and never had any shots and ran the woods every day, one was a 19 year old shepherd.

    • Avatar Of Shirley L Adams

      Shirley L Adams


      Well, I’m old, and we had rabies vaccination laws in Florida when I was young that were every year. Now they aren’t that frequent. But my dad had dogs his whole life and lost puppies and dogs to parvo, distemper, and heartworm treatment (before there was a preventive for HW.) I’ll be glad when Dr. Schulz finishes his studies to show how long the rabies vax lasts. I would have to see the science behind the titer and the quality of the lab. Also, as dogs get older, they can develop immunosenescence. Where I live there are rabid wild animals found every year. I don’t think we should lose sight of the face that rabies is a public health issue, too.

  120. Avatar Of Kursten



    I would like to have that law here in New Hampshire. I am a vet tech and I agree a titer for rabies will benefit the animals that are sick or dying.

  121. Avatar Of Patricia Estes

    Patricia Estes


    So very very glad to see this finally happening. I vhave been supporting this for years. Thank you so much. Bless you Maggie

  122. Avatar Of Ron Rabun

    Ron Rabun


    Right on. Ya Dudes Ya

  123. Avatar Of Anne Bridges Anne Bridges says:

    Yes! Maggie Strong!!

  124. Avatar Of Judy Whitcher

    Judy Whitcher


    I hope NH will do the same,the sooner the better for our animals.sake. We have done the titer tests for twenty years for what some vets called the annuals.

  125. Avatar Of Christine Fisher

    Christine Fisher


    I would definitely support this bill in Pennsylvania. I had two pet family members die from complications from the rabies vaccine. One was a 12 year old cat with lymphoma. The vet would not see her unless she had the vaccine. She died the same day after getting the vaccination. Then I had my beloved, Stormie, a 13 year old dog, who the vet would not treat unless she had the rabies vaccine. Against my better judgment, I agreed. I rushed her to the er vet the next day and she passed within a month. The er vet said it was from the vaccine.

  126. Avatar Of Kathy Devol

    Kathy Devol


    Yes I would agree to this bill. A titer would be great to determine if the pet still has immunity from past Rabies vaccine so as not to be over vacciinated.

  127. Avatar Of Meg Crockett-Mcneely

    Meg Crockett-McNeely


    So sorry for your loss of Maggie. We owned two Shih Tzu’s so can definitely relate. We would support the bill for certain.

  128. Avatar Of Dominik



    I wish Poland was as savvy as Delaware in this regard.

  129. Avatar Of Pat S

    Pat S


    What a great start! I’ve used titers for other vaccinations and have always wished as my animals aged that I could titer rabies, as well. It’s high time we began to recognize the over vacccination of our animal companions.

  130. Avatar Of Jill Andrews

    Jill Andrews


    I’m all for this in Michigan & Florida!

  131. Avatar Of Jody Applebaum

    Jody Applebaum


    This is absolutely phenomenal! I chose not to vaccinate my older dog the last time he was due for rabies. I was told I had the right to refuse it, even though it’s legally required. I did a titer to “protect” myself, since he travels with me to dog shows. His titer came back with almost double the immunity level. Current research points to the fact that a rabies vaccination can last for at least seven years, if not the lifetime of the animal. I have seen far too many adverse reactions to vaccines. I congratulate the forward-thinking lawmakers of Delaware on passing this very important piece of legislation!

  132. Avatar Of Michele.



    If only this were available everywhere..

  133. Avatar Of Linda



    I excited to hear this has passed! Please we need this in Ohio. How can we get things started?

  134. Avatar Of Anastasia



    Way to go Al!
    How heartwarming in Maggie’s honor that this is happening. Hopefully it’ll spread from state to state.
    Thank You for your diligence in this matter – the laws are really so archaic.

  135. Avatar Of Rosemary Szumowski

    Rosemary Szumowski


    Thank you Casapulla for doing this? I have an older dog and not healthy. 200% agree. Let De. Be first at something good. Hooray!

  136. Avatar Of Faith Bigras

    Faith Bigras



  137. Avatar Of Donna Barnes

    Donna Barnes


    I definitely support Maggie’s vaccine protection act, rabies titer. I would also recommend, dosage regulations,so that 5 lb. Dogs aren’t required to receive the same amount as dogs that weigh over 100 lbs.

  138. Avatar Of Capri Angel

    Capri Angel


    Yes, I would support this bill.

  139. Avatar Of Connie



    100 % YES

  140. Avatar Of Mary Beth Mcmanus

    Mary Beth McManus


    Absolutely I’d love to see this in all USA. Thank you for bringing this jaw forward and to fruition! It’s a win win situation. Pets wont die and or get as many cancers or disease from over vaccinating. Vets will still be able to charge for the titer test The labs processing the tests will hire more people to handle this. Lawmakers get to brag

    Thank you Maggie’s owner.

  141. Avatar Of Karline



    It’s about time and I hope the other 50 states follow soon

  142. Avatar Of Patricia Walter

    Patricia Walter


    I totally agree. Most times they are vaccinated without reason. They give the same amount to a ten pound dog as they do to a fifty pound dog. How is that safe? No wonder they get sick.

  143. Avatar Of Joyce Rath

    Joyce Rath


    Who do I contact in Virginia to push this bill?

  144. Avatar Of Rosanne



    I support this bill 150%!!We have to fight strong and get it passed in every state in the US! I hoped for getting titer testing after the initial rabies shot instead of getting any boosters but this is a start.

  145. Avatar Of Brenda Jo Jones

    Brenda Jo Jones


    We need this in Pennsylvania!

  146. Avatar Of Shelly Wing Shelly Wing says:

    This is awesome. Hoping more states will follow suit!

  147. Avatar Of Maryjohn Lemark

    MaryJohn LeMark


    Absolutely, I am all for it!!!Every State needs to support this bill !’How can we get this done in every Stste?

  148. Avatar Of Nikki



    I would love it if my state also had this. I own a dog who has an autoimmune disease so vaccines can be fatal.

  149. Avatar Of Susan



    Yes I would definitely support that bill

  150. Avatar Of Judy Cloman

    Judy Cloman


    I hope this protocol will be accepted in my state of Massachusetts as well as every other one ! It’s about time .

  151. Avatar Of Jean Cervi

    Jean Cervi


    Absolutely should be the law in every state! My pets only get the required rabies after the needed vaccines when they are youngsters. Years later all titer tests show more than adequate levels of protection in their systems. Thank goodness Delaware is leading the way to changing awareness and the law.

  152. Avatar Of Deborah



    I would whole-heartedly support this in SC.

  153. Avatar Of Bridgit Gilmore

    Bridgit Gilmore


    From a fellow dog owner who lost my beautiful boy to vaccine induced IMPT, I want to say a joyful and tearful CONGRATULATIONS! Let’s hope and pray that other states quickly follow suit.

  154. Avatar Of Mary



    Absolutely I agree with the titers test instead of over vaccinating

  155. Yes YES yes!!! My three elderly dogs had to have their teeth done. All have been vaccinated throughout their lives. As they got older around 8 I noticed they were having reactions to their shots…. SO I stopped. At around the age of 11 they needed thier teeth done. Not one vet I went to would do anything without then being up to date on their shots, nor considered a titer an option. Basically I was FORCED to get them their shots in order to have their teeth done. Shortly after (within three days) all three of my dogs had seizures. They developed heart issues and renal failure. All died within the space of a year. We spent thousands on vet bills. I broke my heart they all were only 12 yrs old. My Last dog Wolfy who was the youngest Lad chow mix was vaccinated because the State law for dog licensing required it. They forced us to vaccinate he also was 13. Shortly after he developed heart and renal issues and developed cushings. He reacted the the vaccinations the same way my other three did. They all had the same symptoms EXACTLY. That is no coincidence. Vets know that these shots are not necessary after certain age. Yet state laws have done more harm than good in as far as our pets go. The science backs it.

  156. Avatar Of Dee Hopkins

    Dee Hopkins


    Yes I would like to see this passed in Tennesee. Every time my 11 year old gets vaccinated she is wobbly and sick.

  157. Too many pets have died. Because of this it’s about time this gets taken care of. Thank you for passing this bill and saving the pets lives.

  158. Avatar Of Kim Barson

    Kim Barson


    Fingers crossed that the Governor signs the bill! We had a beautiful collie mix that was known to have a brain injury, resulting in a permanently dilated pupil. Unfortunately, he had to stay at a kennel for a few days and the kennel refused to take titers. So against better judgement, and against what the vaccine itself says (to be given only to healthy animals), he received the vaccine and developed seizures within a month. He died a few months later after the seizures become unmanageable. Please, please stop the cruel state requirements for unnecessary vaccinations!

  159. Avatar Of Jocie



    I need this in Mississippi, My Fur baby has Cancer and I’m so scare of rabie shot, I don’t know what to do, please help us

  160. Avatar Of Karen Smith

    Karen Smith


    This is great!!! Wish they would pass the same in PA

  161. Avatar Of Kim Thompson

    kim thompson


    Yes, I am disgusted my housecats cannot get treatment without rabies vaccines. They never ever leave the house. They are 14 yrs old and should not be over vaccinated. No animal should, but especially older small animals.

  162. Avatar Of Karin



    This is common sense when it comes to mandated vaccines that can cause injury or death.
    Now we need this for human beings.

  163. Avatar Of Susan Smith

    Susan Smith


    Needs to be enacted in every state for the good of our k9 buds!

  164. This is especially good for older dogs that have been vaccinated for years & have proven immunity or dogs with immune issues, cancer etc.

  165. Avatar Of Roxanne Nichols'

    Roxanne Nichols'


    I live in Virginia. This would be the best thing to ever happen if our State is included in Maggie’s Vaccination Protection Act. There are a lot of small breed’s that can’t tolerate this and other vaccines. Please help us in Virginia! Thanks, Roxanne Nichols’

  166. Avatar Of Jeri Baker

    Jeri Baker


    Yes I would support this in my state of Oregon

  167. Avatar Of Pat Bently

    Pat Bently


    How do I start this action in my state? I live in Arizona and would love to make this happen here.
    Thank you!

  168. Avatar Of Leida Acevedo

    Leida Acevedo


    Yes I hope its passed in New Jersey as well.

  169. Avatar Of Kimberly



    Ohio needs this, my dog is old and never does well with this shot.

  170. Avatar Of Steve Witte

    Steve Witte


    The Titer test is the safer solution when the animal is in medical distress. Science should triumph over illogical law.

  171. Avatar Of Kristin



    Yes I absolutely would support this Bill in Virginia. Less vaccines the better for our pets.

  172. Bravo to Al for fighting the good fight and for the legislators in Delaware seeing the light! Let this precedent ring out across the land: rabies over-vaccination needs to STOP. It’s only damaging innocent animals and is too often pushed for profit, in the false name of “law” or worse, “prevention!” Ask the veterinary immunologists if this makes sense before you ring alarms of rabies over taking the U.S. It’s not going to happen, and the key lies in three small letters: DOI. Duration of immunity. It’s a long time, folks, many years if not life. There is exactly this much science behind revaccinating yearly or every three years: 0!

  173. Avatar Of Deidra




  174. Avatar Of Suzanna Botkin

    Suzanna Botkin


    Absolutely YES!!

  175. Avatar Of Leighann Arizmendi

    Leighann Arizmendi


    This needs to be passed in every state. Federally would be great as well as logical. Long over due.

  176. Avatar Of Lisa



    I would love if Ohio would pass a bill like this! I sat with my daughter’s 9 lb Havanese as he was having breathing difficulties after his second annual rabies vaccine. He was given Benadryl prior but still reacted terribly. Plus our little guy has high liver enzymes.

  177. Avatar Of Teresa



    Absolutely YES I support this. I think every animal should be allowed to have a titer run…not just those with medical issues though. But it’s a start!!

  178. Avatar Of Paulette Couture

    Paulette Couture


    Absolutely! Over vaccination is killing our pets! Wake up people!

  179. Avatar Of Jan Clarke

    Jan Clarke


    Yes i would support it in Texas

  180. Avatar Of Grace



    Yes! lets hope all states can folliw suit with this important step to save lives and not allow such suffering of our beloved pets.

  181. Avatar Of Mary



    I would strongly support this bill in Ohio. Rabies over vaccination along with other vaccinations damage and kill way too many dogs every year.

  182. Avatar Of Cathy Kresan

    Cathy Kresan


    Absolutely the right way to go! We are over vaccinating our dogs and there are lethal consequences – and all required by law! Terrible!
    If you want to concentrate on health, this is the only way to go! Require vaccine or titer and we will all be safe – including our pets!
    I am speaking because I have a dog that had a severe reaction to a rabies vaccine! I have personal knowledge!

  183. Avatar Of Chelly



    Yes I would support this bill!!! Pets are over vaccinated and some just can’t take it and die. Thank you Delaware for passing this!!

  184. Avatar Of Greg Largent

    Greg largent


    Bring this to Illinois. There is MORE than enough SCIENTIFIC evidence to support using a titers test to prove Rabies efficacy is present to prevent rabies in the animal.

  185. Avatar Of Terri



    This is fantastic! I hope every state will do this!

  186. Avatar Of Maureen Whisler

    Maureen whisler


    We need this in Pennsylvania. This is great.

  187. Avatar Of Svetlana



    We need rabies titer test to be approved in Ca. I want to protect our pets from unnecessary over vaccination
    Let then live longer healthier life

  188. Avatar Of Joy




  189. Avatar Of Donna Vickery

    Donna Vickery


    I am so for this. I think animals are over vaccinated anyway. Same shot for a 4 lb dog as a 100 lb dog.

  190. Avatar Of Polly Cisco

    Polly Cisco


    Here is a list of all US states that accept veterinary exemptions: rabieschallengefund.org/states-with-medical-exemptions

  191. Avatar Of Al



    Yes! We also need laws to stop the puppy mills that are right in broad daylight, to curb the abuse & neglect of these defenseless animals. Aloud to mass bread & protected by their religion. There at least needs to be a limitation on no more than one litter a year. When will our men in power step up?

  192. Avatar Of Patricia Paulk



    Yes absolutely would support this bill..

  193. Avatar Of Karla M Wilson

    Karla M Wilson


    Virginia accepts a medical waiver for Rabies vaccination from veterinarians. Accepting a Rabies titer as proof of immunity would benefit all dogs, not just those with a need for medical waiver.

  194. Avatar Of Cindy Douglass

    Cindy Douglass


    I hate to think that my 16.5 pound young dog gets the same rabies that a 150 pound dog gets. It makes no sense and leads to over medicating and attacking the immune system. We would never give a human baby the same dosage of medicine that we give it’s mom! Congratulations to Delaware!!

  195. Avatar Of Marie



    ohio seems to be the stupidest of all states, so i doubt they will ever do anything this smart.

  196. Avatar Of Sharon Adams

    Sharon Adams


    I hope all the states will follow suite immediately

  197. Avatar Of Kris



    Wonderful news thank God people are starting to open up their minds about over vaccinations. I hope & pray the rest of the states accept this into law.

  198. Avatar Of Nan Rand

    Nan Rand


    Yes I would definitely support this kind of bill for Maine.

  199. Avatar Of Sue



    I am very glad to see this. Dr John Robb DVM is a proponent of this. I agree that we should be able to titer test. Vets, vet techs, RVS rehabbers and rehabbers that want the added protection of a rabies vaccination are titer tested for their Rabies immunity to see if they need a booster. All states should allow this with out companion animals.

  200. Avatar Of Pamela Boswell

    Pamela Boswell


    Most certainly would get be hind it in Florida. over vaccinations kills our animals.. It is time to push for this. We wee far too much cancer.

  201. Avatar Of Dianne Webb

    Dianne Webb


    I am so sorry for the loss of your dog and so happy about the results of your fight to make a difference in many other pet’s lives… Thank you for your hard work..

  202. Avatar Of Deb H.

    Deb H.


    Awesome news. Hopefully other stares will follow. Thank you for your hard work on this

  203. Avatar Of Anna Mozol

    Anna Mozol


    Will this be available in the UK? Are there any companies taking this on for the uk?

  204. Avatar Of Joan Harris Joan Harris says:

    Not only rabies titer but titers for all vaccines. Our border collie was over-vaccinated and he died unnecessarily young.

  205. Avatar Of Darlene Puhatch

    Darlene Puhatch


    I would definately support this bill in Pennsylvania!!! I have to give Benadryl to my dog before Rabies Vaccine is given! I do Titers on all other vaccines and they have never needed any since the fist year!

  206. Avatar Of Victoria S Lloyd

    Victoria S Lloyd


    I would support it in California! No need to make it for immune compromised-only. Titers can prove immunity, so any animal with positive titer test should be exempt!

  207. Avatar Of Lynn Grenier

    Lynn Grenier


    This is wonderful news. I hope a Bill like this can be passed in every state.

  208. Avatar Of Nancy Bsrd

    Nancy bsrd


    I would support a bill if proposed in ct.

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