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Detroit Family Moves Away, Leaving Injured Dog at the Curb With Trash

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When a Detroit, Michigan family moved away from their west side home, they left their beautiful dog behind, waiting in a pile of broken furniture and trash, freezing, suffering from a broken leg, and desperately waiting for his family to return.

Luckily, Terri Looby, a volunteer with D.A.W.G. (Detroit Animal Welfare Group) and a friend saw the dog and knew right away he needed help.

It was clear that the 2-year-old dog had been neglected by his owners long before they threw him out with the trash. He was emaciated and suffered a broken leg when he was found.

Rescuers named him Ollie and vowed to show the dog, who, despite the abuse he faced at the hands of his family, is sweet and loving.

“He waited for his family to come back. And they didn’t want him. They didn’t come back for him,” Terri Looby told WXYZ of the dog’s owners, who reportedly took their smaller dog with them when they moved away. “They did come back for the little dog and then left Ollie.”

Ollie is now in the care of D.A.W.G., a non-profit rescue, getting medical attention for his broken femur. He now has a warm place to stay during his mandatory stray-hold. He’s being fostered by Jill Martens, a dog lover who saw his story on Facebook and stepped up to help.

According to D.A.W.G, Ollie has been officially adopted. The Welfare Group shared the good news on Facebook with pictures of Ollie with his new owner.

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    I assume the family is known. Please do everything possible legally in Ollie’s name and get the other dog away from them ASAP.

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    Heloise Chung


    There is a misattributed quote You can hear in the video, it’s actually Jaqueline Knight-Oliver who says: “He waited for his family to come back. And they didn’t want him. They didn’t come back for him,”

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