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Director Michael Bay Transforms ‘The World’s Loneliest Dog’ Into a Movie Star!

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Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre in Liverpool, England has been caring for Freya, a Staffordshire bull terrier, since she was found wandering the streets at only 6-months old.

Now, 6 years later, Freya gained a bit of international attention when she was dubbed “The World’s Loneliest Dog” after spending basically her entire life at the shelter, overlooked by tens of thousands of potential adopters over the years.

That attention caught the eye of Hollywood filmmaker, Michael Bay, famous for blockbuster hits Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, the Transformers franchise, and many dozens more. Upon hearing about Freya, Bay offered the lonely shelter dog and opportunity that will, without a doubt, change her life forever.

Michael Bay has given Freya a role in his latest project, Transformers 5, alongside A-list superstars Anthony Hopkins and Mark Wahlberg.

Following the exciting Tweet, Bay also told followers,

“Freya, has epilepsy and has been in a shelter her whole 6 year life.We are also going to find her a home.” And, “If not she will come to my house. Welcome to the cast Freya!”

Michael Bay is dad to two Bullmastiffs, Bonecrusher and Grace.

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