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Disabled Veteran Forcibly Removed From Hospital Because of Service Dog

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Portland Adventist Medical Center Source: M.o. Stevens, Wikimedia
Portland Adventist Medical Center
Source: M.O. Stevens, Wikimedia

The Adventist Medical Center of Portland, Oregon is facing a federal lawsuit after security guards at the hospital forcibly removed an 86-year old disabled veteran from the premises because of his service dog.

Robert Campen, a disabled veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, visited the hospital on June 1, 2015 with his service dog, Libby, by his side.

After finishing his business in the hospital’s medical records department, Campen, with his service dog on leash, were walking toward the hospital’s exit when they were approached by two security guards who stopped him and told him he couldn’t have a dog in the building.

As he explained to the guards that Libby was a service dog, hospital senior vice president David Russell appeared and ordered, “Get the dog out of here,” according to the lawsuit.

One of the guards then grabbed the 86-year old disabled veteran by the wrist, twisted it away from his body, and forced him and his dog out of the building.

The federal lawsuit says that Adventist Medical Center did not comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act and discriminated against Campen because of his disability.

The Oregonian reported that the lawsuit “also contends the guards subjected him to “battery.” He suffered a sprained wrist that required medical attention, according to his lawyer Daniel Snyder.”

At the time of publication, the hospital had not yet been served notice of the pending lawsuit and are “unaware of any pending litigation.”

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  1. Avatar Of S. Carlson S. Carlson says:

    It's bad to have security personnel who are not educated about patient rights; but it's much worse to have a senior Vice President who is ignorant about patient rights and ADA!! Seems to me that the hospital needs to immediately educate all levels of their staff including Administration!! And all staff need training on how to HELP patients instead of bullying or forcibly trying to get them to comply. Manhandling an elderly man (who is a veteran!!) AND his service dog is not acceptable!!! Seems to me that they both deserve a sincere apology from those involved including the VP!!! And reassurance that other veterans AND their service dogs will NOT encounter similar treatment!!'

  2. Avatar Of Sheila Self

    Sheila Self


    This makes me angry. For one we are not doing enough for out vets. People always now if its a service dog by his coat. And to batter that poor man like that. My dad is 85 year old korean vet. He opened the veterans center in skagit county. Abd helps all vets and military get the help they need where the government stops.

  3. Avatar Of Jennifer



    What the Hell, these monsters should lose their jobs, just for dis honoring this Veteran and then be prosecuted for monster handling him and then put them in solitary confinement, made to read what it means in this country to serve your country in the line of duty and until they really learn how to appreciate our service people and then put them in with the other prisoners and tell them what these 3 punks did,I am sure the prisoners would to know. Bend over boys

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