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DIY Home Projects To Improve Your Dog’s Life

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Dog owners love to keep their dogs as comfortable as possible with any opportunity that they get. However, dog owners are just like everyone else and will not always have time to play with their dogs or keep them company. 

Thankfully, with a few home upgrades, you can greatly improve your dog’s quality of life. Read on to find out how. 


Doggy Door

This might seem like an obvious one, but it is surprising to know that many dog owners do not have a doggy door installed in their homes. By installing a doggy door in your home (traditional or motorized), you are allowing your dog to explore without needing to disturb you for permission or help. This allows your dog to enjoy a certain level of freedom and gives them more control. 

In cases where your dog cannot go outside to play and has to stay indoors, you can exercise your dog indoors with a few bad weather boredom busters

Creating Independence with Hide-Away Feeding Areas

Since the idea is to improve your dog’s quality of life and drive independent behavior, creating a hide-away feeding area could be one of the best things you can do for your dog. 

While you should always keep your space decluttered to prevent injuries to your dog or accidental swallows, keeping the necessary things accessible to your dog is a great idea. You can easily create a hide-away feeding area for your dog by turning the lower drawer in your kitchen into a feeding area. 

You definitely get bonus points for teaching your dog how to open and close the drawer on its own. 

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Dog House

It would be hard to talk about home upgrades for dogs and not talk about a dog house. As far as we can tell, every dog loves having its own dog house; it is a thing of pride and comfort for them. As a dog owner, you can build a little dog house out in the yard to provide shade for your dog on sunny days and a place to sleep outdoors comfortably. 

If you really want to make your dog feel special, you can throw in a bed and a few toys in the dog house to make it a complete outdoor home. 

Installing a Dog Run

Dogs love running around regardless of where they are. You can help your dog run around safely by installing a dog run in your backyard. A dog run is a fenced area in your compound where your dog can run around safely and not bother the neighbors or your friends when they come visiting. 

For more information, see Hippo’s full post on home updates for dogs or check out their infographic below.

Home Upgrade Infographic

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