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Does Your Dog Jump Up on People He Meets? Here’s How to Make Him Stop

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A common behavior that is exhibited by many dogs is jumping up on people. Usually, owners think that their dog is just happy to see them, which is, more often than not, a part of the reason. Nevertheless, the behavior is also known to be a classic expression of dog-over-owner dominance. Yes, jumping is a widespread behavior among all dogs. But it should be noted that regardless of size, the behavior is annoying, destructive, and even potentially dangerous to people.

Training the Dog not to Jump

Most people tend to deal with a jumping dog by trying to calm her. This reaction is generally manifested by petting the dog in such a way that it actually reinforces the jumping behavior. This response does nothing to stop the behavior. So instead of wasting your time with this method, use the guidelines below.

As the dog begins to jump up, you should redirect her excitement and energy into a more useful channel. This can be achieved by commanding the dog to sit as soon as you see her. Remember that you should reward her action with affection only when she obeys you. You must be consistent with your approach by reacting in this way each and every time the dog begins jumping. So must every other member in the house.

Now, if your dog does not know the sit command yet, then you’ll have to ignore her until she stops jumping about, and learns to sit down. When you arrive home, your dog may leap around for a few minutes especially if you have rewarded her in the past with pats and affection at the time she jumps. However, if you show her not a single bit of attention, she will become puzzled and most likely sit down. When she does, you can praise her as lavishly as you like. The secret is to only reward the dog when she is calm and not jumping about.

Moreover, you can train your dog to refrain from jumping up on command. This can be done by holding your ground and then saying “off” in a calm and stern voice when she jumps up. With the right tone of voice, most dogs will stop jumping then and there. If your dog already knows the sit command, then follow the “off” with “sit”. Otherwise, you can praise her as soon as the jumping behavior has stopped.

These same basic training principles can be applied to many undesirable behaviors. Remember – ignore the bad, praise the good.

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  1. The problem with extinguishing the dog’s jumping is that we only tell the dog what we don’t want him to do After he has already done it. What we really want to teach him is to “stay” off, rather that to “get” off. So grab a handful of treats, put yourself in a situation where he would normally jump, and just before he jumps, drop a treat on the floor to keep his nose pointed down. Say “Good off” as you toss the treat.

  2. Avatar Of Dean



    I have a black Lab, Lucy and yes that is a very annoying trait of hers that I would love to stop. I have tried the non attention method, and it does work. Until I turn around, and she’s right back at it again. We go through this over and over… and over…

  3. Avatar Of Maria Madrid Maria Madrid says:

    Wow, I will really have to practice this since my six month old pit does it all the time, didn’t even know the real meaning of this behavior until now. Thanks for the information.

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