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Does Your Dog Suffer from Spring Allergies?

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The official start of Spring is only a week away!!  Along with the beauty of the blossoms, grass blades, tree leaves, and every emerging bud come pollens.  Just like their owners, dogs can and do suffer from allergies when their immune systems mistakenly tag certain substances as being potentially dangerous to them.  Their symptoms are similar to ours:   itching, runny eyes, sneezing, etc.  Besides pollens, the same triggers common for people are common for dogs, including mold, dust, feathers, perfumes, and cigarette smoke.  Does your dog suffer from spring allergies?  This article from The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals discusses allergies in dogs at length.

Which Dogs Are At Risk for Getting Allergies?

Any dog can develop allergies at any time during his life, but allergic reactions seem to be especially common in terriers, setters, retrievers, and flat-faced breeds such as pugs, bulldogs and Boston terriers….

How Can Dog Allergies Be Treated?

The best way to treat allergies is to remove the offending allergens from the environment.

  • Prevention is the best treatment for allergies caused by fleas. Start a flea control program for all of your pets before the season starts. Remember, outdoor pets can carry fleas inside to indoor pets. See your veterinarian for advice about the best flea control products for your dog and the environment.
  • If dust is the problem, clean your pet’s bedding once a week and vacuum at least twice weekly—this includes rugs, curtains and any other materials that gather dust.
  • Weekly bathing may help relieve itching and remove environmental allergens and pollens from your dog’s skin. Discuss with your vet what prescription shampoos are best, as frequent bathing with the wrong product can dry out skin.
  • If you suspect your dog has a food allergy, she’ll need to be put on an exclusive prescription or hydrolyzed protein diet. Once the allergy is determined, your vet will recommend specific foods or a home-cooked diet.

Note that severe cases can develop into bronchitis, again similar to humans.  Does your dog suffer from spring allergies?  How do you help relieve the symptoms?

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  1. Avatar Of George Chase

    George Chase


    Why nothing about treating outdoor allergies? The above was all inside and food, always a problem.

    • Avatar Of Kathy Mazur

      Kathy Mazur


      my dog is allergic to GRASS!!!!! How do I eliminate that?? right now he is having injections once a month, but will be changeing to every 3 weeks during allergy season, he’s barely 2 yrs old and has to have this his whole life..he constantly licks his feet leaving them raw..they are always red..wish there was something else we could do to relieve his misery

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