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Does Your Puppy Eat His Poop?

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Check your yard daily for doggie doodoo, and using a pooper-scooper remove the offending mess. This is not always possible as you are going to miss one or two, so keep an eye on the pup when he is put outside to do his business. As you first begin teaching your puppy this is a habit you are not going to tolerate staying with him when he goes out is a must. Keep him on a leash to gently guide him away from any nasties he may find and at the same time command the pup in a firm voice NO.

Combine this NO command with additional positive reinforcement training by teaching the pup to sit when commanded. As soon as he sits give him plenty of praise and a tasty doggie treat he likes. This is the start of proper training to stop the desire and habit of your puppy eats his poop.

Fortunately we only had one pup that insisted on doing this, but it wasn’t hard to bread him of the habit.

A great and proven method to put a stop to this behavior is spice up the puppies doodoo. No, not so it is even more appealing for him! Spice it up with hot pepper sauce, lime juice, lemon juice, or any other very odorous substance he is going to go out of his way to avoid. Never use anything that is toxic or potentially dangerous to the pup’s health.

If you are not having any luck, our last tip for those who are dealing with the issue of your puppy eats his poop is speak to the vet about this issue and see what he or she recommends you do. Supplements are available you can add to the puppies food that help eliminate this problem.

Have you had this problem with a puppy? Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. Hi to every , since I am really eager of reading this weblog’s post to be updated daily.
    It contains pleasant stuff.

  2. Avatar Of Lilly Bailey (Zanna)

    Lilly Bailey (Zanna)


    one really great remedy for Coprophagia is to feed the puppy some pineapple. this causes the feces to become bitter and the dog won’t want to eat it. it’s safe for puppy too and natural.

    • Avatar Of Ron Miller

      Ron Miller


      Lilly — do you put pineapple juice on the poop? We had one dog who loved pineapple, so that wouldn’t have helped!! LOL! (Fortunately that dog didn’t have the poop-eating problem.)

  3. Avatar Of Marjorie



    We live in Dutchess County, NY. This county has the highest concentration of deer ticks in the country. Both of our dogs find deer poops to be their snack of choice. Can ingesting deer ticks cause a problem?

  4. Avatar Of Tara



    my granddog has eaten poop since the moment she was rescued as a puppy. her momma has tried EVERYthing, but it does not work. she is going to be 6yo and still considers it a “delicacy”…..we are meticulous in cleaning up after her and her cousins, but she will spend her outdoor times sniffing, and rooting, to find the smallest bit.
    do we love her anyway??!! of course. and when that last nibble is taken care of, then playtime ensues…and it is an afternoon of romping, jumping, chasing, playing….until next time!!!
    oh to be a dog!!!

  5. Avatar Of Becki



    No. He eats other dogs’ poop. Aaargh!

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