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‘Try Majorly Depressed’: Dog Abandoned By His Family Yearns For A New Forever Home

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A no-kill shelter in Indiana is bringing attention to one of their dogs as the dog’s “spunky personality is dimming” after being in the shelter for too long.

Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana) posted about Major the dog on May 07. “Major hunk? Major heartthrob? Try majorly depressed,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

The shelter shared that Major arrived at the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Indiana as a stray.

He was microchipped and had a family. However, when the shelter called the number on his microchip, “they said they would be in to get him… [but] they never came.”

According to Major’s PetPlace profile, he has been with the Humane Society for Hamilton County since August 28, 2023.

According to his profile, Major is a “charismatic canine heartthrob with a personality as big as his smile” and is affectionately known as ‘Major Hunk’.

Major is also “Equipped with his beloved emotional support Jolly Ball, he carries a piece of comfort wherever he goes – a testament to his sweet and sensitive nature.”

However, the shelter said Major is feeling like his nickname no longer suits him anymore. “Only the people at the shelter call him this, but he yearns for a family to do the same,” the shelter wrote.

“His spunky personality is dimming. This once jolly ball-lovin’ boy now sits in his room and cries endlessly.”

The shelter reveals that the kennels have been causing Major too much stress. And even when they’ve moved him to a visiting room, it’s still not helping.

The shelter explains that “NOTHING compares to the warmth and love of a family” and that Major needs out NOW.

According to his adoption profile and the shelter, Major is okay with having other dogs at home, but not cats. His ideal home would also be one with no children below 6, so everyone can handle his spunk, size, and strength.

“Major is not just a dog; he’s a true companion with a big ol’ heart,” his profile reads.

Currently, Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana) said that Major is still waiting for his forever home.

So, if you’re interested in adopting Major, you can apply and come into the shelter to meet him. The shelter said that you don’t need to wait for a call in order to meet the pooch.

Check out Major’s profile here.

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