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Dog Abuse: Did He Do The Right Thing?

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My son went for a walk today and found someone his own age who had just moved in to the neighborhood. Thinking he had found a new friend, the two started hanging out the the afternoon.
My son was delighted when my new friend said, “Let’s talk my dog for a walk.” The two of them took his little Yorkie mix for a walk.
During the walk, the Yorkie ran ahead and the boy said, “Watch this!” He jerked the leash so hard the poor baby flew right by him and landed in back of him. Then he jerked the leash forward and the dog went sailing ahead of him and was crying.
My son responded by yelling stop abusing your dog and punched his “former friend” and walked away.

Did my son do the right thing?
What would you have done?

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  1. Avatar Of Laura laura says:

    Of coarse he did and telling his mom about the abuse was good also hopefully the mom confronted the abuser and the abusers mom together..so there will be no more walks with this kid. Hopefully the abusers mom could seek some mental help for the child and it works

  2. Avatar Of Laura laura says:

    Of coarse he did and telling his mom about the abuse was goid also hopefully the mom cinfronted the abuser and the abusers mom together so there will be no more walks with this kid hopefully the abusers mom could seek some mental help for the child and it works

  3. Avatar Of Ruth



    Yes & No. It was great that he told his former friend to stop abusing the dog but he shouldn’t have hit his former friend. As he told you of the incident, you both have a responsibility to report any animal abuse.

  4. Avatar Of Lois Lois says:

    No. Your son, or you need to call animal control or the police and report that this boy is abusing his dog

  5. Avatar Of Annemarie De

    AnneMarie De


    great he spoke up yea ok so he punched the kid , but what is harmless compared to what that poor dog is going thru and it’s nice he told you his parent. so from one parent to the other WHAT DID YOU DO ????

    • Avatar Of Annemarie De

      AnneMarie De


      me if I was told I would contact animal control , find more evidence if I was ballsy contact the family

  6. the kid that punched the other kid and told him to stop abusing his dog did the right thing in my book

  7. Avatar Of Rita Rita says:

    That kid had no right to do that dog that way…..The boy did the right thing by speaking up and I do hope he said something to his parents. I hope that puppy is doing good now and hope that kid has stopped mistreating that puppy. Hope someone continues to monitor the situation.

  8. Avatar Of Patsy



    Your son told YOU what had happened!!
    What have YOU done to get that poor dog out of that situation?
    Hate to say it but your son punching this boy could well have made him angry and I wonder who/what he’ll take his anger out on?

  9. Avatar Of Laura



    Your son did the right thing. I would of picked up the pup if it was safe to do so and brought it home to you. You then, with your son take the pup home and inform the parents. If that would of been too uncomfortable, I would of called animal control to your house, given them the pup and explain, and they could of gone to the boy’s home.

    Someone will say everything I said to do would be too involved. Saying that, yes your son did the right thing.

  10. Avatar Of Pamela



    It was good that he told him to stop. I’m glad he went home and told his parents. I wonder what age the boys were and where the other child learned that behavior. At that point the parents should have taken over and gone to see the parents about the behavior.

  11. Yes, your son did the right thing and I am very proud of him. I hope he reported the abuse to the rescue place in his area, that the kid parents is informed of the abuse by their son, that the dog was removed from the house for good, most of all that the kid was properly punished for his abuse to the little dog. Not just a little slap on the hand.

  12. Avatar Of Jean-Yves



    Damn straight he did. I would be the proudest parent if my own kid did this. Now to have the abuse reported and hopefully have the poor little dog removed and placed with people who show the love he deserves.

  13. Good on your son for standing up to a bully! This kids patents need to be told and animal authorities. This kid’s behavior needs to be checked and they should not have pets!

  14. Avatar Of Mogilb



    OK Doginton Post, you published the story; what kind of followup did you do? I will assume you made some sort of report to the authorities, or at a minimum, verified that the story is true! What say you?

  15. Avatar Of Blaine



    Just like they say in elementary school, two wrongs don’t make a right. That was animal abuse, and he should have stood up for the dog. However, I do not agree that ANY act of violence is the correct way to handle it, and both kids should be taught how to treat all living things correctly.

  16. Avatar Of Debby Ledbetter

    Debby Ledbetter


    PLEASE! Tell me this kid was reported to at least his parents & that they care! This poor sweet innocent pup! I am shocked that tis pup is alive (I hope) I pray he is removed from the situation! I’d prefer the boy be removed, but you know what I mean…. Saying a prayer for this sweet pup! Surely the boy told his own parents!! & btw,~~~GOOD FOR HIM!! <3 <3 <3

  17. Avatar Of Julie Jo Julie Jo says:

    He did exactly the right thing. Now the parents need to know how he treated that poor dog.

    • Avatar Of Sylvia Carter

      Sylvia Carter


      yeap tell the parents, the makings of a abuser right there, they start out on animals, work their way to humans, or continue to abuse more animals, it a FACT…..
      your boy did the right thing, now as a parent step up to the parents

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